‘Call the Midwife’, Series 3, Episode 6 (TV)


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This is the first ‘Call the Midwife’ episode to not feature Jessica Raine as Jenny at all in it. She did appear in the previous episode, but that was like only at the start when she was having special leave.

In this episode, we get to learn more about Emerald Fennell as Patsy Mount’s character. It’s interesting how Pasty’s character gets some focus in this episode, especially as she’s introduced late.

As Patsy continues to work with the Nonnatus House crew, her brusque manner does lead her into trouble. Even Pam Ferris as Sister Evangelina isn’t very impressed with Patsy’s manner as a midwife.

This leads her to be removed from midwifery duties and instead to be taking care of a male patient who is on bed rest after an accident at work. This Patsy finds frustrating. She wants to be a midwife.

At this point, I don’t think we’ve seen enough of Patsy being a midwife in the series. I hope, like Sister Winifred, Pasty will get to demonstrate her midwife skills to the full. But she may be more intriguing.

The man that Patsy looks after is a docker – Neal Barry as Maurice Glennon. He can’t understand why, after several weeks being in bed following the accident at work, that he cannot get any better.

Despite the treatment Patsy gives him, Maurice seems to be getting worse. Patsy soon identifies the cause of his illness as a kind of infection sustained whilst he was in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

Patsy shares this information with Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner, who is surprised by how she knows so much about the illness. She says she read it in a magazine, but the truth is sadder than that. 😦

It turns out, as Patsy reveals to Helen George as Trixie, that she knows the infection too well, having been interned herself in a camp where her mother and sister died. This was really sad to hear in this.

It sheds more light on Patsy’s character especially in terms of her background and what her past is like. It also makes her less of an uncompassionate person since many have presumed her to be here.

After going out without word to find a treatment for the illness that Maurice has been having, Patsy returns to provide it whilst everyone else has been worrying about her. Yeah, I’d be worried as well.

Meanwhile, a young couple arrive in the Poplar area. They’re Amy Molloy as Phoebe Doyle and Killian Scott as Declan Doyle. The two are from different religious backgrounds as Trixie meets them.

Phoebe is a Protestant and Killian is a Catholic. They eloped and fled their home once Phoebe was pregnant. Trixie helps the couple to get through their struggles in life whilst they’re living in Poplar.

The birth of Pheobe’s child takes place, as supervised by Trixie and Bryony Hannah as Cynthia. Although it’s successful, the birth becomes difficult when the baby doesn’t seem to be breathing much.

It causes Phoebe to consider it a punishment for crossing the religious divide with marrying Killian. Killian goes out to fetch the local curate, Jack Ashton as Tom Hereward, to give the baby his blessing.

Tom agrees and even christens the baby boy before he’s taken to hospital. Thankfully, the baby is saved and all is well between Phoebe and Killian as they continue their new life together in Poplar. 🙂

Trixie also goes on a date with the local curate Tom Hereward. It doesn’t exactly go according to plan as Tom’s suggestion to take Trixie to a game of cricket turns into a boy scouts’ day trip to that game.

It doesn’t help when they have to ride in an old bus and one of the boys happens to be sick. Tom is apologetic for the disastrous date they were meant to have, but Trixie isn’t willing to forgive him yet.

Thankfully, after the delivery of Phoebe and Killian’s baby, Trixie finds it in her heart to forgive Tom. I wonder if something good will come out of this new relationship between Trixie and Tom Hereward.

Meanwhile, Dr. Turner and Laura Main as Shelagh consider the possibility of adoption in order to expand their family. I hope this will lead to something good when the Turners adopt a new member.

Overall, Series 3, Episode 6 of ‘Call the Midwife’ is very good and I like the character development of Patsy, Trixie, the Turners and many others for this one. I wonder how things will progress next time.

The DVD special features for Series 3 of ‘Call the Midwife’ are as follows. On Disc 3, there are cast and crew interviews with executive producer Pippa Harris, Jessica Raine, Helen George, Bryony Hannah and Miranda Hart.

‘Series 3, Episode 6’ rating – 8/10

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