‘Call the Midwife’, Series 3, Episode 7 (TV)


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We’re now on the penultimate episode of Series 3 of ‘Call the Midwife’. It’s also the first of two episodes featuring the last appearances of Jessica Raine as Jenny Lee. I’ll miss Jenny in this TV series.

The episode has Jenny returning to Nonnatus House after having special leave. Everyone is happy to see Jenny back, but her return does not see her returning to midwifery duties as many would expect.

Instead she gets seconded to the London Hospital’s maternity ward. She’s on a strict rotation of work, being supervised by Jenna Russell as Sister Morgan who tells her what she can and cannot do.

Jenny’s first patient happens to be Emily Taaffe as Faye Rawle. Faye is an overly anxious mother who demands to be checked every time since she had a miscarriage during a previous pregnancy she had.

In looking after Faye, Jenny tries to reassure Faye that she’s in good hands. Faye gradually comes to trust Jenny, asking if she’d be there when the pregnancy occurs. Jenny says ‘yes’, but is not allowed.

Apparently the hospital rules are much stricter compared to how Jenny does her work as a midwife at Nonnatus House. I’m certain Jenny would prefer to be back at Nonnatus House than in a hospital.

Eventually, once Faye’s about to have the baby, Jenny isn’t allowed to attend the delivery process. Faye, after having the birth, also isn’t allowed to see her baby just yet since she is severely ill here. 😦

But Jenny, in breaking the rules, manages to fetch Faye’s baby in order for her to see it. I’m sure Jenny would’ve got into a lot of trouble had Sister Morgan discovered that she’d broken the rules. 😐

Thankfully, Jenny seems to have been let off lightly. She announces to Sister Morgan that she’s going back to Nonnatus House, not wanting to work in a hospital anymore. Sister Morgan’s okay with that.

The Jenny subplot is decently handled, although I wonder if things could’ve happened differently if her breaking the rules jeopardised her career as a nurse and midwife. Maybe we’ll never find out. 😐

Meanwhile in another subplot, Miranda Hart as Chummy meets up with her mother, Cheryl Campbell as Lady Browne. Cheryl Campbell was in the series before, appearing in Series 1, Episode 6.

Chummy prepares to have her aloof mother stay with her and Ben Caplan as Peter, since Lady Browne left her husband, discovering his disloyalty. Lady Browne isn’t the easiest guest for Chummy.

She’s not very grateful when Chummy and Peter host her. She also disapproves of the plans that Chummy and Peter have for their baby boy. It sends Chummy up the wrong way towards the end. 😐

Eventually, when Lady Browne is about to leave, she collapses and it’s revealed she has cancer. This is a shock for Chummy when she and Peter visit her in hospital. What will occur next in this plot-line?

Elsewhere, Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne and Bryony Hannah as Cynthia attend to a newly-delivered mother who suffers with some acute mental illness. She’s Sophie Rundle as Pamela Saint.

Sister Julienne becomes alarmed by the new mother having an obsession with cleaning that slowly turns into paranoia. It’s a big contrast to when Pamela was happy once her baby had been delivered.

Very soon, Sister Julienne along with Cynthia and Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner; has to save the mother and baby when Pamela wants to cleanse them both in the river. Thankfully, it doesn’t occur.

Pamela is soon sent to psychiatric admission in order to get better. I did wonder if Pamela would be put into psychiatric admission forever, but thankfully she’s reunited with her baby and her husband.

Helen George as Trixie continues to date Jack Ashton as Tom the vicar before she suspects him with Emerald Fennell as Patsy. Thankfully, Tom was getting lessons in learning how to dance with Trixie. 🙂

Dr. Turner and Laura Main as Shelagh also continue to have an adoption bid. But Turner’s inability to mention his brief mental breakdown in the war could jeopardise their chances of adopting a baby. 😐

Overall, Series 3, Episode 7 has been a pretty good ‘Call the Midwife’ episode to watch. I’m curious about how Series 3 will end. How will Jenny leave and will she be the only one leaving the TV series?

‘Series 3, Episode 7’ rating – 8/10

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