‘Call the Midwife’, Series 4, Episode 8 (TV)


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It’s time for the season finale to Series 4 of ‘Call the Midwife’. This season has been rather mixed for me. There have been a few good episodes, but I felt some of them were rather downhearted for me.

What do I have to say about the season finale then? Well, it has good and not so good bits. Yeah, this is another one of those episodes I had mixed feelings on. Things were not satisfactorily resolved.

In the episode, Helen George as Trixie and Bryony Hannah as Sister Mary Cynthia team up to support a deaf mother-to be, Genevieve Barr as June Dillen. Now this is a part of the episode I actually like here.

Genevieve Barr is actually deaf in real-life. It was nice seeing the scenes where Trixie and Sister Mary Cynthia interacted with her. Sometimes, June’s husband Tom Christian as Kevin translates for her. 🙂

Trixie puts forward the motion to have Kevin be there for his wife June when she has the baby. It’s something most of the Nonnatus sisters are against but Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne agrees to it.

Even at the medical clinic, some expectant mothers aren’t approving of Kevin being there to translate for Trixie and Sister Mary to understand June. Surely some allowances can be made in this.

During the visits they make, Trixie and Sister Mary see that June is concerned about being unable to communicate with her baby. It’s interesting to see how a deaf woman being pregnant gets handled.

Thankfully, Trixie is there to see to it that June’s baby is delivered and all is well. But Trixie is unhappy in her own life when she returns to Nonnatus House and bumps into Jack Ashton as Tom. 😐

Sister Mary sees that Trixie is depressed and helps her to come to terms with her heavy drinking. I like that Sister Mary eventually shows concern for Trixie in the end since the two were friends once.

I wish this could’ve been explored more, especially since the two were distant from each other in the second half of Series 4. Hopefully Trixie and Sister Mary’s relationship will be explored for Series 5. 🙂

There’s a subplot where Charlotte Ritchie as Barbara attends to a prisoner’s wife, Lucy Phelps as Maureen Gadsby. Apparently, Maureen is suffering from this really severe form of morning sickness.

When Barbara suspects this morning sickness to be far more serious, she calls for Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner. He recommends a new wonder drug called thalidomide. This works well for Maureen.

From what I’ve read and what my parents hinted at me, thalidomide later becomes deadly to the general public, leading to the deaths of children. That’s something to be explored in Series 5, I think.

There’s another subplot where Emerald Fennell as Patsy and Kate Lamb as Delia decide to move into a flat together. They hope to live their lives together without causing an outcry as they’re lesbians. 😐

Sadly, fate intervenes when Delia gets injured and has amnesia, forgetting who Patsy is when she’s in hospital. I found that rather sad since it was clear the two loved each other despite it being illegal.

I did wonder if the Patsy/Kate storyline was going to end in tears with them being caught out as lesbians in 1960s Poplar. I’m pleased with the way the story was handled despite it being still so sad.

And there’s the subplot where Cliff Parisi as Fred has his daughter Rosie Sansom as Marlene come to see him. She isn’t happy about his forthcoming wedding to Annabelle Apison as Violet Gee however.

With her sharp-tongue attitude, Marlene tries to break it up between Fred and Violet. I thought that was mean of her. Fortunately, Miranda Hart as Chummy returns to intervene and save the wedding.

Yeah, Miranda Hart as Chummy is back in this episode. Haven’t seen her for a long time! She was only in the first episode and the last episode of Series 4. And this is Chummy’s final appearance here.

I wonder what happened to Chummy after Series 4. Ben Caplan as Sgt. Noakes is still around for Series 5 and 6. It feels very disappointing that Chummy didn’t get a proper exit from the series here.

Overall, I suppose the last episode of Series 4 is decent enough. Whilst there are good bits in it, I felt some things like Trixie’s depression and Chummy’s final appearance were left unresolved in the tale.

‘Series 4, Episode 8’ rating – 7/10

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