‘Call the Midwife’, Series 5, Episode 3 (TV)


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I don’t know if there’s a pattern to these ‘Call the Midwife’ episodes, but the ones I’ve seen often contain depressing subjects. That’s in terms of medicine and women depicted in the 1950s/1960s. 😐

Not that I would discredit the writing and the performances of the actors as they’re very well-handled in this series. But I would like to watch more positive storylines than some depressing ones.

Anyway, Emerald Fennell as Patsy delivers Claudia Jessie as Jeanette Su’s daughter. It seems to be a happy event, especially among the community who live in a rather derelict and run-down dwelling. 🙂

But soon, an outbreak of typhoid ensues. Jeanette is the first victim to have typhoid. This shocks Patsy to the core since this unlocks old memories of her time in a Japanese internment camp in WWII. 😦

The disease soon claims another victim and the accusing finger is pointed at Andrew Koki as Benny Su, Jeanette’s Chinese husband. Now this is really intriguing as I wouldn’t think he was Chinese here.

Not that I would question the nationality, it’s just Benny doesn’t look like many Chinese people I’ve seen. I suppose it’s down to diversity in that Chinese people can look very different in terms of faces.

Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner soon discovers the carrier of the typhoid disease to be an unlikely source. It happens to be Sadie Shimmin as Meg Mahoney, Jeanette’s mum. I was surprised by this. 😐

Meg is surprised by this revelation too since she didn’t think she would have typhoid. It leads her to a paranoid state when she continually washes her hands until her hands become severely reddened.

Patsy and everybody else tries to reassure her that everything will be alright, but Meg is still unconvinced. Thankfully, Jeanette gets better. Soon the closely-knit family moves into a new area. 🙂

I like how this subplot was resolved, especially with everyone moving out of a derelict place into a more comfortable and cleaner flat. I think the end part of that subplot could’ve been explored more.

Meanwhile, Victoria Yeates as Sister Winifred faces a personal dilemma. Hannah Morrish as popular local primary school teacher Dorothy Whitmore is revealed to be pregnant and by a married man. 😮

It goes downhill for Dorothy when she loses her flat and loses her job. She seeks help at Nonnatus House and is found accommodation by the nuns. But Sister Winfred takes a ‘backseat’ in this matter.

Her prejudices seem to overwhelm her judgment about Dorothy. It may cause what happens to Dorothy later on as the former school teacher attempts to takes matters into her own hands here. 😮

Dorothy tries to abort her child, costing her life. Thankfully, Sister Winifred intervenes when seeing her at hospital. I’m not certain I like how the Dorothy subplot gets resolved and how she’s treated. 😐

Oh to be sure, treatment of pregnant woman has got better over the years, but it was still tough to see Dorothy being rejected by those at her job and by her landlady. They were rather cruel to her. 😐

The man who impregnated her wasn’t helpful either. Thankfully, there’s a positive story to enjoy in this episode. Charlotte Ritchie as Barbara gets invited to go out to dinner with Jack Ashton as Tom. 🙂

Barbara inadvertently agrees to Tom’s invitation, although she doesn’t realise the implications of this decision. For one thing, she’s worried about how Helen George as Trixie will react to it occurring.

This is taking into account that Trixie was engaged to Tom once. Linda Bassett as Nurse Crane is more the person who encourages Barbara to pursue her date with Tom and not to worry over Trixie.

Barbara and Tom have their dinner date at an Indian restaurant by the way. At the end of their date, they say goodnight to each other, not realising Helen is watching. How will it be resolved next time?

Kate Lamb as Delia Busby also begins her stay at Nonnatus House whilst Patsy plays down the relationship she has with her. I wonder how the two will maintain appearances in their relationship.

Series 5, Episode 3 of ‘Call the Midwife’ is a decent episode. The two main subplots have rather depressing subject matters, but at least that’s made up for with Barbara and Tom’s storyline here. 🙂

‘Series 5, Episode 3’ rating – 7/10

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