‘Call the Midwife’, Series 5, Episode 6 (TV)


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This ‘Call the Midwife’ episode is rather hard to judge. On the one hand, the outcomes of the subplots featured do seem to be positive. But that doesn’t make it less tough to watch them here. 😐

In the episode, Charlotte Ritchie as Barbara and Jack Ashton as Tom go to the aid of a prostitute who was bitten by her assailant. This is after Barbara and Tom had a date together when seeing a film. 😐

Apparently, a number of these attacks by the same assailant occur in the episode. I did wonder if the assailant was a vampire as he seemed to bite into women’s necks. I wondered why he did it to them.

The prostitute, Rosie Jones as Lizzie, is afraid to report it to the police as she’s too ashamed of social judgement. Despite the world moving forward, women are still labouring under this social pressure.

Barbara helps Ben Caplan as Sgt. Peter Noakes with uncovering what’s going on. Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne also meets a mother of a child who was viciously attacked by Lizzie’s violent assailant.

By the way, we get an update as to what’s happening with Chummy in the series. Apparently she’s still in Poplar looking after her and Noakes’ baby child. I wish we could see her in the TV series again.

Sadly, the dangerous man attacks one of the members of Nonnatus House. That happens to be Bryony Hannah as Sister Mary Cynthia. It was very shocking to see Sister Mary end up be attacked. 😦

For most of the series, before and when she became a nun, Sister Mary’s always been seen as sweet and delicate. To see her ending up be attacked and broken down in an emotional state is saddening.

Everyone is concerned for her, but Sister Mary is angry with herself for thinking that she’s indestructible. The scene where she is bathed by Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan was so touching.

It also challenges Sister Mary’s faith as she goes through a crisis on whether her prayers to God aren’t enough to protect her. I imagine that we go through moments of crisis like that in any climate.

Thankfully, Sister Mary gives a statement to the police on identifying the man. Eventually, the culprit gets caught as I believe it was one of the Russian workers on a sailing ship once arrested by the police.

I don’t know why he made those attacks on those women and what his motivation was as it’s never explored. I guess it’s really hard to understand what goes on in the minds of male attackers like that.

Elsewhere, Sarah Durham as middle-aged Thora Hills tells the nurses that she’s expecting another child. But she’s secretly covering for her pregnant ‘unmarried’ daughter, Jill McAusland as Diane Hill.

Apparently, Diane was abandoned by her baby’s father. Thora attempts a home birth in order to maintain the secrecy. But matters aren’t helped a lot once Thora gets advice from the wrong doctor.

That wrong doctor happens to be William Hoyland as Dr. Godfrey. He’s an elderly man who came out of retirement to give Stephen McGann’s Dr. Turner a very-deserved holiday (more on this later).

Dr. Godfrey is rather laid-back in his duties as a physician and Linda Bassett as Nurse Crane isn’t happy with his efforts. We don’t get to see what happened to him before this episode’s conclusion.

Eventually, Helen George as Trixie and Sister Mary Cynthia come to Thora and Diane’s aid. They have to act quickly in order to avoid disaster. Thankfully, they get to save Diane and her baby in the end. 🙂

So yeah, going back to Dr. Turner, Laura Main as Shelagh and son Timothy secretly organise a long-overdue family camping holiday for him. This is after Dr. Turner has had a specifically busy period. 😐

It doesn’t go well at first when a freak summer thunderstorm is about to dampen their enthusiasm. They end up going to a hotel which is nice. But the holiday gets cut short when Turner phones Poplar.

He hears about Dr. Godfrey’s efforts working in his absence and he returns home once he hears his patients are at risk. Fortunately, Dr. Turner and his family get to have their proper holiday in the end.

So yeah, this episode does feature some happy endings with the subplots featured. But the topics themselves aren’t as pleasant especially when some male attacker is attacking women very viscously.

‘Series 5, Episode 6’ rating – 7/10

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