‘Call the Midwife’, Series 6, Episode 1 (TV)


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Welcome to Series 6 of ‘Call the Midwife’. After an exciting expedition to South Africa in the 2016 Christmas Special, it’s time for the Nonnatus House midwifery team to settle back down in Poplar. 🙂

The midwives sent to South Africa including Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne, Victoria Yeates as Sister Winifred, Charlotte Ritchie as Barbara and Linda Bassett as Nurse Crane return home to Nonnatus. 🙂

Helen George’s Trixie decided to stay in South Africa for a bit, so we won’t see her until two episodes into Series 6. Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner and Laura Main as Shelagh returned home earlier here.

Cliff Parisi as Fred and Jack Ashton as Tom have also returned home. The midwives receive a rapturous and warm welcome home, however all is not well once they find certain changes made. 😐

The changes have been made by Harriet Walter as Sister Ursula. I saw Harriet Walter recently in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘Revolution of the Daleks’ and she did the audio ‘The Boy That Time Forgot’. 🙂

She also did some Lord Peter Wimsey serials and was in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens’. Sister Ursula has been running a very tight ship and is strict on her views running things. 😦

Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan is unhappy with Sister Ursula’s way of things since she can’t watch TV. 😀 Emerald Fennell’s Patsy and Kate Lamb’s Delia are also unhappy with Sister Ursula’s methods.

Instead of hoping to see the last of her, it’s quickly announced that Sister Ursula will remain in charge at Nonnatus House above Sister Julienne. (puzzled) Why? Why has that become the case?! 😐

Did Sister Julienne do something wrong to not justify her leadership at Nonnatus House? As far as I’m concerned, Sister Julienne has led things very well, so why should Sister Ursula be taking over? 😐

The reason why Sister Ursula was in charge for a bit was because Sister Julienne was asked to go to South Africa. Realistically, shouldn’t Sister Julienne automatically be put back in charge of Nonnatus?

There’s no justification for why Sister Julienne should not be put back in charge of Nonnatus instead of Sister Ursula. It seems really unfair, especially when Sister Julienne did work hard in South Africa?!

I also don’t like how Sister Ursula treats certain members of staff, including Bryony Hannah as Sister Mary Cynthia who is made to write ‘her vows’ despite her being rather inexperienced as a nun here. 😦

The midwives get drawn to helping out Pearl Appleby as Trudy Watts. She’s a heavily pregnant mother whose husband James Farrar as Lester Watts has been released from prison for extortion. 😐

It’s gradually revealed that it’s not a happy marriage, especially when Lester becomes pretty abusive towards Trudy during her pregnancy. Incidentally, Trudy has a son before she later has a daughter. 🙂

Trudy ends up locked up in her bedroom by her husband before she manages to get out and get help from the midwives of Nonnatus. Most of the midwife team become shocked by this development. 😐

Most especially affected is Sister Mary Cynthia who experiences increased anxiety followed her recent rape attack in Series 5, Episode 6. It was pretty upsetting to see that resurface in the episode.

Just a heads up, Sister Mary gets sent away unannounced by Sister Ursusla without Sister Julienne and Dr. Turner knowing. And we don’t see Sister Mary for a while until the last two Series 6 stories.

It’s also fascinating how the domestic abuse issue gets tackled in the episode. The midwifery team are supportive to Trudy whilst her mother is very unsupportive. She seems more on Lester’s side! 😮

Not Trudy’s?! 😡 Anyway, on a happier topic, Shelagh seems to have good news for her husband as she turns out to be expecting a baby. Wow! For a long time, I thought she couldn’t have any babies.

Meanwhile, Patsy receives some distressing news about her father in Hong Kong. It could affect her and Delia’s relationship. Barbara also buys her an engagement ring for her and Tom in the episode. 🙂

Overall, a dramatic episode but it features some disturbing themes regarding domestic abuse and mental health. I do hope Sister Ursula won’t last long being in charge of Nonnatus House in Series 6.

‘Series 6, Episode 1’ rating – 7/10

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