‘Call the Midwife’, Series 7, Episode 5 (TV)


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This episode features the departure of one regular character at the start and the return of two regular characters at the end. There are also two emotionally-gripping subplots to follow in the episode.

The episode marks Helen George’s departure from the series in order to begin her maternity leave. Trixie is seen leaving Nonnatus House with Jack Hawkins as Christopher Dockerill taking her in the car.

But Trixie isn’t leaving without a goodbye from Jennifer Kirby as Valerie and Linda Bassett as Nurse Crane who catch her just in time. I’m sure we’ll be seeing Trixie again in ‘Call the Midwife’ pretty soon. 😀

After Trixie’s departure, we have a subplot where a pregnant mother, Tamsin Topolski as Eunice Dobson, is terrified to give birth after having had a traumatic first birth to her first child, a young boy.

Leonie Elliot as Lucile has to win the trust of Eunice in order to overcome her fears. But it isn’t easy as Eunice suffers a condition which is later described in the modern day as being called Tokophobia.

Apparently, Tokophobia is a medical term not coined until 2000. Interesting how the ‘Call the Midwife’ series tackled that in the episode before it gets its official name at around the 21st century.

Eunice has a loving husband in Adam Sopp as Kenny who does his best to morally support her. Even when she locks herself in the bathroom, Kenny is determined not to give up and he phones for help.

It’s not helped when Eunice’s mother-in-law (I believe), Beth Goddard as Pamela Dobson, tries to put some sense into her about having the baby which makes it worse. Kenny soon sends his mum away.

Thankfully, Lucille has help from Laura Main as Shelagh in order to persuade Eunice otherwise and to change her mind. Thankfully, Eunice has the baby and it’s without any painful trauma, which is good.

Another subplot in the episode involves a man from Nigeria – Jordan Peters as Ade Babayaro – who stows away on a ship. He gets thrown out of the seaman’s mission on suspicion of having smallpox.

People become panicked upon hearing the news of possible smallpox in the Poplar area. Some people even demand to have vaccinations to protect themselves against any form of smallpox here.

Ha! Hearing the word ‘vaccination’ makes me think how surreal times are in 2021! 😀 Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner tries his best to persuade people not to panic, but it’s not as easy as it seems.

There is a certain Christian element in the episode which I like, especially when Ade Babayaro prays to God when he’s alone and he wishes for his nightmare to end. Thankfully it ends on a happy note.

Daniel Laurie as Reggie manages to find Ade’s hiding place, but keeps him a secret as promised when offering him food such as bread and cake. Reggie’s ‘family’ become anxious about whom he’s met. 😐

Cliff Parisi as Fred Buckle and Annabelle Apsion as Violet are concerned Reggie may have caught smallpox. Reggie soon whispers in Nurse Crane’s ear to inform her about where Ade’s hiding place is.

Nurse Crane soon tracks down Ade underground and offers him help before panic takes hold of the Poplar area. Ade is soon taken by Crane to Nonnatus House where Dr. Turner gets to examine there.

Thankfully, Ade’s condition isn’t serious as it seems. He doesn’t have smallpox. He has leprosy. It isn’t contagious but Ade will need to be seen to as soon as possible at a hospital which is arranged. 🙂

I liked the scene between Ade and Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan where they share each other’s faith. It’s a nice connection since they’re expressing how their faith in God has kept them strong. 🙂

Fred and Violet Buckle have also arranged a picnic outing in the Poplar area. This provides a perfect opportunity for Charlotte Ritchie as Barbara and Jack Ashton as Tom to return in ‘Call the Midwife’. 🙂

It was nice to see Barbara and Tom back, albeit in the episode’s closing act. I wondered when they’d show up. Apparently Tom’s business in Birmingham is done and he and Barbara are back for good. 🙂

Series 7, Episode 5 is a good solid episode in ‘Call the Midwife’. I like how the subplots are handled and resolved in a happy manner. I do wonder how Barbara and Tom’s story will continue in Series 7.

On Disc 2 of the Series 7 DVD of ‘Call the Midwife’, there’s the behind-the-scenes featurette ‘Humanity & Fear in Poplar’ to check out with cast and crew interviews.

‘Series 7, Episode 5’ rating – 8/10

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