‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 1, Episode 3 (TV)

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I really like this third episode of ‘Monarch of the Glen’. It highlights some new depth on our main characters as well as some more interesting backstory on the MacDonalds’ history and their son Jamie.

In the episode, Anna Wilson-Jones as Justine, Archie’s girlfriend, has come to Glenbogle to try and bring him back to London. She stays for a while to get to know some of the people Archie’s living with.

Whilst she stays in Glenbogle, Justine notices some chemistry between Archie and Katrina and she becomes jealous. It’s interesting how Justine reacts to the chemistry between Archie and Katrina here.

There’s clearly a love triangle going on in this episode. Archie hopes that he and Justine can spend some time together while she’s in Glenbogle. But it clearly doesn’t work out according to plan for him.

Justine clearly doesn’t like the outdoors and isn’t used to being around nature. This is demonstrated when she reacts to the midges in the area as well as seeing a flock of sheep when she and Archie walk.

Ironic that at the time this episode was transmitted on TV, this was before the 2001 foot and mouth disease outbreak occurred in the UK. Oh yeah! You don’t forget about these things where I come from.

I don’t blame Justine being uneasy whilst she’s staying in Glenbogle. I’d react the same way she did upon seeing the horrible plumbing in the house just when she’s about to have a bath. It is rather disgusting.

I also find it interesting to see what Archie and Justine’s relationship is like in this episode. This is different compared to the first two episodes of Series 1. We’ve rarely seen Archie and Justine together.

Despite Justine trying to get Archie to come home to London, he still has a lot to do in Glenbogle. He reassures her that they will be together again and continue their life together, but she is unconvinced.

Julian Fellowes returns as Kilwillie in this episode as he turns up at Glenbogle House to inform Hector and the others some terrible news. He isn’t able to host the annual Glenbogle Ball at his Kilwillie House.

Kilwillie asks the MacDonalds if they could host the Glenbogle Ball in their house. Hector refuses at first. It turns out it was on the day that Archie’s older brother Jamie passed away. It’s also short notice.

But Justine seems keen to organise the ball herself with everyone pitching in. Thus the Glenbogle Ball does take place at Glenbogle House. This seems to all come together in a pretty short amount of time.

Justine also acquires Katrina’s help into this matter when preparing for the ball at Glenbogle House. It’s so clear that there’s this friction between Justine and Katrina, especially in their feelings for Archie.

It’s interesting how Justine learns of the tragic past involving Archie’s brother Jamie when he died. Golly tells Justine the tale whilst Archie, Molly and Archie look through some old mementos of Jamie’s.

I like how there are some emotional tensions resolved between Hector and Archive over the death of Jamie. The scenes between Richard Briers and Alistair Mackenzie as their characters are pretty superb.

The episode also features Paul Goodwin as Alan, who is a former flame of Katrina’s that turns up at her house. Katrina is clearly not happy to see Alan back as Alan becomes jealous of Katrina with Archie.

Meanwhile, Hector thinks the worse when he sees Molly with another man. This turns out to be Ralph Riach as Geordie, Molly’s bookie. It was amusing to see Hector acting jealous over Molly with Geordie.

The episode also has Duncan ask Lexie out as his partner at the Glenbogle Ball. Thankfully Lexie says yes to go out with him. I wondered if that would happen considering the awkwardness between them.

There’s also Malcolm Shields as Lachie and Jim Twaddale as Lewis, the MacSween brothers who come to Glenbogle House to do some plumbing work. And it’s clear that they’re not really good at their jobs.

I did enjoy the Glenbogle Ball scenes with Scottish music in the background. It was nice to see Archie and Katrina dancing together. The ball soon ends with riotous consequences as a flock of sheep enter.

The third episode of Series 1 is very good and I liked how this showcases Archie and Justine’s relationship together. Their relationship becomes strained in this, especially when Katrina is involved.

‘Series 1, Episode 3’ rating – 10/10

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