‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 1, Episode 4 (TV)

monarchseries1 monarch of the glen


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This was an intriguing episode that highlights Katrina’s character in a dramatic way. It gets revealed that Hector MacDonald may have had an affair with Katrina’s mum. But there’s more to this than that.

It starts when David Ashton as Harold Xavier arrives, returning to Glenbogle after 25 years. Incidentally, I later found out David Ashton was in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘Timelash’ with Colin Baker.

Harold Xavier is a genealogist who has come back to Glenbogle to do some special research. I’m surprised Archie didn’t see Xavier arriving when doing a touch-up paint job on the Glenbogle B&B sign.

Yeah the B&B business that Archie tries to set up at Glenbogle House is to help pay on the large debt the MacDonalds have to their bank. It’s a business plan that only lasts for just this one episode. Shame.

The special research that Xavier undertakes at Glenbogle House is to check some records for the Ballantine clan. He’s also to deliver a bequest to the right heir of the Ballantine clan which is intriguing.

That’s where Duncan takes an interest since his grandmother may have been part of the Ballantine family. He has a word with Mr. Xavier to confirm that his grandmother is a part of the Ballantine legacy.

It is amusing when Duncan seeks out to claim his birthright, hoping to become a laird in his own right. It’s also intriguing since it sheds more light on Duncan’s character and he wants to have more out of life.

Lexie mocks Duncan when he’s seeking out to have his lairdship of the Ballantine estate. But she does take him serious when he actually proposes her to become his duchess. That is pretty bold of Duncan.

It’s interesting to watch Series 1 and see how Duncan and Lexie’s relationship progresses in the series. Duncan clearly has feelings for Lexie, but she doesn’t return them. She does like to mock him at times.

It’s when digging out the records from the attic for Mr. Xavier that Archie discovers a suitcase belonging to the MacDonald family’s onetime cook named Miriam. Apparently, Xavier knew Miriam well.

Miriam is also Katrina’s mother. Archie takes the suitcase to give it to Katrina at her house where he finds Paul Goodwin as Alan there. Alan does like to spend a lot of time when he’s at Katrina’s place.

Actually, I do wonder why Katrina has Alan stay at her place, considering he caused a flock of sheep to invade Glenbogle House at the ball in the previous episode. She does throw him out at the story’s end.

When Katrina and Alan look through her mother’s stuff, they find that her diary contains a long hidden secret. It suggests that Katrina may be part of the MacDonald family and she had an affair with Hector.

This causes unrest and unhappiness when the secret gets revealed to the MacDonalds by Katrina. Molly is of course furious and soon moves out of the house, leaving Hector and causes him to be upset.

Eventually, Archie and Katrina try to discover the answers for themselves when heading off to an island where a photograph was taken of Katrina’s mum with Hector. This reveals some intriguing revelations.

Watching this episode particularly has given me nostalgia of my parents and I visiting the ‘Monarch of the Glen’ country in Badenoch and Strathspey. We saw that island featured in this episode in real-life.

It was nice to see how Archie and Katrina handled the situation and the possibility that the two may be brother and sister. There’s a growing attraction between them, despite the family issues in the tale.

At the island, Archie and Katrina meet up with Xavier who’s also there. It gets revealed that Hector’s not the father and Katrina’s father was actually Xavier. I like how that reveal gets handled in the story.

In the episode, Archie also has to deal with two troublesome farmers, Jon Morrison as Pearce and Robert Carr as Johnston. These two want Archie to sort out a dispute regarding the ownership of goats.

Archie doesn’t want to have any part of this and soon the Glenbogle House garden gets invaded by goats. One of them eats Duncan’s granny’s birth certificate. 😀 Eventually Archie has Golly to help him.

The fourth episode of Series 1 has been a good character-driven episode for Katrina’s character with Archie. Molly thankfully goes back to Hector at the episode when it’s revealed he didn’t have an affair.

‘Series 1, Episode 4’ rating – 9/10

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