‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 1, Episode 5 (TV)

monarchseries1 monarch of the glen


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This episode features the introduction of Archie’s sister, Lizzie. This is the first of three appearances of Lizzie in ‘Monarch of the Glen’ and she would be played by a different actress each time. Intriguing.

On this occasion, Lizzie is played by Abigail Cruttenden. It’s clear that there’s a certain sense of rivalry between Archie and Lizzie. Reconciliation seems to be uncertain between the two during the episode.

Anyway, Lizzie has brought a party of massage therapists back home to Glenbogle as she intends to turn the manor house into a wellness centre. One of these massage therapists is her boyfriend Gerald.

Johnny Phillips guest stars as Gerald Matthews in the episode. He poses as some messiah or guru figure among the group of massage therapists. This is all due to the fact he can tap into people’s souls.

Archie doesn’t take to Gerald well in the episode, as he’s convinced the man’s a charlatan. Lizzie’s plans to turn Glenbogle House into a wellness centre also conflict with Archie’s plans to run the estate.

One of these plans happens to be the idea of producing Glenbogle spring water as a means of raising money to keep the estate going. His first step is to have this noisy bottle plant outside Katrina’s house.

Katrina isn’t happy with the idea of coping with a noisy bottle plant outside her house as well as the idea of commercialization. This is all before the bottle plant breaks down, despite Archie’s confidence.

When Archie shares the problem he has of producing spring water to Gerald, he comes up with another ingenious way to do it. He places his staff in the hills like Jesus and Glenbogle water springs out.

This seems to work and water manages to pour out successfully. This also has a backfire effect when Katrina’s well goes dry. She’s definitely not happy about this when she shares this news to Archie here.

In the episode, Lizzie announces to her parents and Archie that she’s pregnant. This is something Lizzie’s parents take delight in; but are concerned that she and Gerald haven’t married to do this thing.

Hector takes a disapproving view of this as he goes to see Gerald to talk about it. That’s until the conversation he has with Gerald turns to about him not swimming in the loch anymore as he used to.

Gerald feeds him words about why he doesn’t swim in the loch anymore. Very soon, Hector is dressed in swimsuit; goggles and flippers before he goes to swim in the loch again. He must be a superhero! 🙂

But Hector’s attempts to swim again cause him to start drowning in the loch. Thankfully Archie sees him and swims out to rescue him. Archie of course is pretty angry with Gerald and demands he leaves.

Lizzie however won’t have it as she insists that Gerald stays. Interesting Lizzie places priority over Gerald instead of her father here. Katrina even questions Lizzie over this situation but takes no notice.

This episode also features an absence of Golly until Archie finds him in the woods. It seems Golly has been missing for some time and two women have been asking for him. Lexie learns of this from them.

Lexie suggests to Archie that she should help Golly in this situation, especially since it’s his duty. When Archie meets up with him, Golly gives the excuse he has been looking for Big Eric, who’s gone missing.

I’m not sure I fully understand the situation with Golly in this episode. My parents suggested to me that Golly was using his search for Big Eric as some excuse in order to avoid meeting up with the ladies.

It’s a pretty peculiar subplot, especially when Golly finds Big Eric before going to meet up with his two women at night. On the same night, I add. Yikes, it must’ve been a very long night for Golly to do that.

The episode also has Duncan attract the attention of one of Lizzie’s friends, Julia Haworth as Janice. And yes! That’s Julia Haworth who would later play Claire Casey/Claire Peacock in ‘Coronation Street’.

It was interesting to see Duncan’s relationship with Janice who seems rather forward towards him. Lexie also notices Duncan and Janice together and she seems to be quite jealous when observing them.

The fifth episode of Series 1 has been an interesting introduction to Archie’s sister, Lizzie. Their rivalry may soon lead to Archie leaving Glenbogle for good. But will Lizzie reveal the truth over her pregnancy.

‘Series 1, Episode 5’ rating – 9/10

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