‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 1, Episode 6 (TV)

monarchseries1 monarch of the glen


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In this episode, Archie accepts a challenge from Julian Fellowes as Kilwillie. The challenge to compete with him in an annual Highland boat race as well as save a fair maiden from the other side of the loch.

The fair maidens include Molly herself as well as Kilwillie’s daughter, Morag Siller as Flora. Flora has been in ‘Monarch of the Glen’ before in the first season’s third episode. This is her second appearance.

It’s interesting that when Kilwillie makes the challenge to Archie at the beginning of the episode, it’s implied that she’s the only fair maiden to be rescued. This is before it’s her and Molly during the race.

Archie is also to have a man of his choice to accompany him in the boat race. That person turns out to be Duncan. Kilwillie also has a man of his choice in the race. This happens to be Rory McCann as Roger.

It’s interesting how Archie doesn’t take this race seriously, considering it as silly nonsense whereas his father Hector takes it very seriously. Hector was even hoping to do the race against Kilwillie in the tale.

This is before Kilwillie pointed out to Hector that the race is between the Laird of Kilwillie Castle and the Laird of Glenbogle. Now that Hector has been defunct from his laird duties, Archie is the new laird.

I found it amusing when Hector described the race as being some sort of battle whereas Archie points out “It’s not a battle, it’s a boat race.” Hector seems amusingly old-fashioned in his views in the series.

Whilst this goes on a day before the race, Archie plans to sell his new spring water scheme in Glenbogle. To pursue this, he hires this public relations expert as well as a photographer from Glasgow.

The public relations expert is Hilary Lyon as Fiona Lennox and the photographer is Tom Smith as Gavin. Now, I want to you to pay particular attention to Tom Smith when he performs in this specific episode.

You might not recognise him in this, but he would later go on to play a significant role in a ‘Doctor Who’ episode with David Tennant. He would play the human host of the werewolf in ‘Tooth and Claw’.

Yeah! Tom Smith who plays Gavin in this ‘Monarch of the Glen’ episode would later play the human host of the werewolf in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘Tooth and Claw’. It was so hard to connect the two.

Gavin happens to be a gay man in the episode and forms an interesting relationship with Duncan when he’s considering leaving Glenbogle to do higher things. This was mostly to gain Lexie’s attention in this.

Lexie has been pretty mean to Duncan for most of Series 1, mocking him and putting him down often. Duncan has had enough and considers moving on to higher things, saying he’s going to Dundee at first.

When Duncan meets Gavin, he gets persuaded to go with him to Glasgow instead. Lexie plays the prank on Duncan considering Gavin’s a gay man before realising she’s gone too far and wants to Duncan to stay.

When Katrina hears that Archie’s hired a public relations expert in Fiona Lennox for the Glenbogle spring water project, she is less than pleased. This is due to the fact that Archie didn’t consult her here.

Meanwhile, Katrina has also been selected as candidate for a local council election in Glenbogle. This is something Katrina’s thrilled about as her interest is in politics. But Archie doesn’t seem enthusiastic.

Katrina is determined to win the council election against Kilwillie who’s standing against her. She’s convinced that Kilwillie’s been exploiting Glenbogle for years and she is determined to change all that.

Katrina later discovers that she and Fiona have a lot in common regarding politics. Katrina enlists Fiona’s help to prepare for her political campaign. She even forgets a dinner appointment with Archie.

Also in the episode, a ring of Archie’s forefathers has been found by Kilwillie’s man Roger in the loch. Archie decides to double the stakes when he challenges Kilwillie for the ring as a prize during the race.

Archie soon has his father Hector accompany him in the race instead of Duncan. It was pretty exciting when Archie and Hector raced against Kilwillie and Roger. Some moments were pretty amusing as well.

I enjoyed the sixth episode of Series 1 very much. There’s a lot going on in the episode. There’s plenty of drama and comedy to be featured throughout. I found it exciting when they had a boat race in this.

‘Series 1, Episode 6’ rating – 10/10

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