‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 1, Episode 7 (TV)

monarchseries1 monarch of the glen


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This is a rather juicy episode in the ‘Monarch of the Glen’ series. And that’s not just with the grouse; the salmon and the wine by the way. There are intriguing and arousing situations between characters.

Archie makes the return to London to run the restaurant, the Flying Fish, with his girlfriend, Anna Wilson-Jones as Justine. Archie and Justine organise this special Highland occasion at the restaurant.

Oh yeah, it happens to be the glorious 12th of August in the episode. It’s the start of the shooting season for red grouse within the Highlands of Scotland. Hector has been looking forward to this event!

In all the times I’ve been to Scotland, I’ve never had a grouse meal before. Not even on the 12th of August. I’m surprised my parents and I haven’t been that daring enough. Maybe we will soon in future.

In the episode, Archie is hoping that the restaurant he and Justine are running will be the first to serve grouse in London and win a magazine sponsored prize of £5000. I’m sure another restaurant won that.

Anyway, the plan for Archie and Justine’s Highland binge in their London restaurant requires him and Lexie to take a trip down to London to make the preparations. They do this via travelling by helicopter.

Archie and Lexie take stocks of red grouse and salmon as they race down to London. And they do this on the day itself. Yeah! They make their way to London on the 12th of August travelling via helicopter.

Why didn’t they do this the day before in order not to rush or be delayed on the way? Because that’s exactly what happens! No, seriously! Archie and Lexie have some trouble when journeying to London.

The helicopter breaks down on the way and Archie and Lexie end up in a field where they meet Mickey Hutton as Mr. Slurpy the ice cream man in his ice cream van. Oh, I found Mr. Slurpy very funny in this!

Archie and Lexie use unconventional means by travelling in Mr. Slurpy’s van to get to their destination in London. Archie phones Justine to inform her of the delay and she’s not happy. I don’t blame her. 😀

But once Archie and Lexie finally arrive with Mr. Slurpy helping them, Archie discovers that a number of changes have been to the restaurant by Justine. The changes are ones he hasn’t been consulted on.

He doesn’t like the colour schemes made to the walls and he doesn’t like the table clothes. Archie’s also shocked when his aquarium’s been taken away by Justine as one of the fish bitten one of the staff.

There’s also Patrick Toomey as Lennie the chef, who’s a law unto himself in his own kitchen at the restaurant. He and Lexie clash with each other and there is something going between her and Justine.

In the end, things fall apart on the night in question at their restaurant. Archie and Justine bicker with each other in public while meals are being served and Mr. Slurpy comes in pretty drunk at the end. 😀

Elsewhere in Glenbogle, Katrina battles her election campaign against Julian Fellowes as Kilwillie. Katrina seems so confident about winning the local election day in Glenbolge and has Alan to help her.

Wait! Alan’s back? Yeah, Paul Goodwin as Alan Smythe returns to Katrina’s life. And she seems happy to see him. I assume she must have forgiven him for what happened at the end of Series 1, Episode 4.

Maybe this was done in spite when Archie wasn’t able to help her in her vote campaign. How come she didn’t know Archie was going to London that day? Was she too absorbed in her political campaign?

She also asked Archie to tell her who he voted for. I agree with Archie. Why should he tell her that? It’s his provocative; it’s his business. He should not need to tell a political candidate who he has voted for.

Thankfully Katrina manages to win the election against Kilwillie with Alan’s help. But it comes with a setback since Katrina kisses Alan on the night before election day, which she wishes she had not done.

There’s also a situation where Archie and Lexie have a bit of a canoodle and kiss with each other on the sleepover train back to Glenbogle. Yeah! The alcohol seemed to have affected both parties in this.

This seventh episode of Series 1 of ‘Monarch of the Glen’ has been pretty excellent indeed. A turning point is made in Archie and Justine’s relationship and it maybe that the two may not be together again.

‘Series 1, Episode 7’ rating – 10/10

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