‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 1, Episode 8 (TV)

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It’s the season finale for Series 1 of ‘Monarch of the Glen’. I like Series 1 very much and I’m very pleased the season ended on a good note with tying everything together with the characters in this.

In this episode, Archie has to make the decision about whether to sacrifice his future with Justine or to run Glenbogle for his family. The decisions that Archie has to make are rather tough for him here.

But the odd seem to be against him when a financial crisis occurs both with a spot of damp in the cellar and with the debt he owes to the bank. He also manages to upset some friends along the way.

I like that first scene in the episode where Archie meets up with Anna Wilson-Jones as Justine at Inverness airport. It’s a tense reunion between them before they start discussing about their future.

Justine tries to persuade Archie to come back with her to run their restaurant again in London. She tries to make Archie not to return to Glenbogle and stay with his family which he’s compelled to do.

She says that if he wishes to return to Glenbogle, then she’ll have to buy out his share of the restaurant. It’s pretty clear that their romantic relationship is failing over the choice Archie’s making.

Archie clearly wants to remain in Glenbogle, but doesn’t want to upset either his parents or Justine in whatever decision he makes. He visits Katrina at her home to ask about her opinion on the matter.

Katrina is about to share what she thinks to Archie before they’re interrupted by Paul Goodwin as Alan coming back into her life. Yeah, Katrina isn’t too happy about Alan coming back in her life again.

This episode also has the return of Simon Slater as Fleming. It was nice to see him back again after seeing him in Series 1, Episode 2. Everyone, except Duncan, seems happy to see Mr. Fleming return.

But Fleming has bad news for Archie. He tells him that the bank can’t wait any longer for him to pay the debt he owes them. Unless Archie pays that debt, the bank will have to take money off Fleming.

It gets worse when Archie seems the spot of damp in the wine cellar as Hector alerts him to it. It’s more than a damp patch as the wine cellar seems to be flooded and Glenbogle House may fall apart.

After a surveyor comes to inspect the flooded cellar, it’s strictly advised that Archie and his family move out of the house. Archie informs his parents of the issues, including his situation with Justine.

It was amusing to see Fleming and Lexie together and Duncan becoming jealous. Duncan gets to be Dennis the Menace (I’m not joking! Those are the clothes he wears) to have his revenge on Fleming.

This includes firing peashooters at him; sinking his boat when rowing the loch and putting a moose’s head in his bed at night with tomato sauce as blood. Seeing the scenes in the episode was hilarious.

Archie soon learns of Duncan’s pranks on Fleming. He tries to get him to stop and apologise. Duncan is unwilling. He believes Lexie saw Fleming when she went on a trip to London in Series 1, Episode 7.

But Archie tells Duncan that Lexie never saw Fleming in London since she was with him all the time. I’m surprised Duncan didn’t know that. Didn’t he know Lexie would be going to London with Archie?

Anyway both Duncan and Fleming get the wrong end of the stick and assume Archie spent the night with Lexie on a train. Archie manages to upset everyone once they do a rooftop protest against him.

It becomes painful for Archie when everybody’s turning against him including Hector; Lexie; Katrina; Duncan and Fleming. But eventually Archie comes to a decision as he phones Justine back in London.

The episode ends with everybody happy after Archie apologises and tells all what he’s decided. Hector also provides his special wedding anniversary gift to Molly when they have fireworks at night.

It seems that there’s something now going on between Archie and Katrina in their relationship together. But Archie soon gets a surprise visit from Justine who wishes to stay with him in Glenbogle.

The series ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger as it seems like Justine’s staying with Archie in Glenbogle. Otherwise, this is a very great conclusion to Series 1 of ‘Monarch’ and I’ve enjoyed it all throughout.

‘Series 1, Episode 8’ rating – 9/10

‘Monarch of the Glen’: Series 1 rating – 10/10

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