‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 2, Episode 1 (TV)

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Here we are on the second series of ‘Monarch of the Glen’! I was pretty excited when my parents surprised me with putting on the DVD and I was first shown the opening sequence for Series 2, Episode 1.

Like with Series 1, there are 8 episodes contained in Series 2. The episodes are also now presented in widescreen. This is different compared to how the episodes in Series 1 were presented in the 4.3 ratio.

The characters you love from Series 1 of ‘Monarch’ are back in Series 2. There’s Richard Briers as Hector with Susan Hampshire as Molly, Alistair Mackenzie as Archie and Lorraine Pilkington as Katrina.

There’s also Alexander Morton as Golly, Dawn Steele as Lexie and Hamish Clark as Duncan who are now credited as main regulars in the series. I was happy to see these three in the main titles sequence.

As I indicated, I liked the opening sequence with our main characters, especially when they use camera technology and the Internet to promote Glenbogle. That technology does look dated here though. 😀

The first episode of Series 2 also features the last appearances of Anna Wilson-Jones as Justine. At the end of Series 1, Justine hoped to stay with Archie in Glenbogle. Their plans don’t turn out so well here.

Archie’s relationship with Justine deteriorates in this episode. This is especially when she seems to trying to take control of everything instead of Archie here and she’s sending people up the wrong way.

This includes people like Hector who gets angry with Justine messing up his life-style in the house. He and Molly soon move out of the house to go to a quieter place to get away from the hustle and bustle.

There’s also Lexie who gets annoyed with Justine messing things around in the kitchen. This soon leads to an angry cat brawl between Lexie and Justine in the kitchen to which Archie interferes and stops it.

Justine is also still jealous of Katrina as she tries to get rid of her and stop her seeing Archie. This is in spite of the fact that Archie told Justine to try and get along with Katrina and she had agreed to do so.

There’s also the last appearance of Simon Slater as Fleming. It’s sad this episode happened to be Fleming’s last ‘Monarch of the Glen’ appearance as I really liked his character when I watched Series 1.

In this episode, Fleming competes with two co-workers from Laselle’s Bank for an executive weekend that turns out to be a training exercise for someone to get fired. And Fleming’s chances are really slim.

The two co-workers from Fleming’s bank include Serena Gordon as Mary Denning. She seems to be a nice, friendly, mild-mannered sort of person and she may have the hots for Fleming in this TV episode.

There’s also Hugh Parker as Nigel Rutter. Nigel is a real jerk and even cheats during the training exercises that he; Fleming and Mary go through. He’s not exactly a team player and is pretty arrogant.

The person running these training exercises is Philip Whitchurch as Mr. Brown, an international man of mystery according to Justine. I get he is a military man but what has all this got to do with the bank?

The episode’s climax was rather saddening as Archie and Lexie eventually confront each other about their relationship in Glenbogle. They conclude that it’s not working and Justine soon leaves Glenbogle.

What’s funny is that everyone is watching Archie and Justine’s argument on the computer screens via the cameras at Glenbogle. Hector, Molly, Golly, Lexie and Duncan are watching this in the estate office.

Even Katrina and the kids at school watching this argument between Archie and Justine as it’s happening live via the school computer. Um, this conversation is supposed to be a private one isn’t it?

Actually, now I come to think of it, whose idea was it to have everything shown live inside and outside the Glenbogle house. It’s quite ironic considering that everyone would watch all of this on the Internet.

Hector and Duncan have a go at trying to rearrange the cameras to go to the right places and show Glenbogle at its best on the Internet. This backfires when it seems Duncan put one in Hector’s toilet. 😀

This episode is a great beginning to Series 2 of ‘Monarch of the Glen’. It’s sad about the way Justine left, but hopefully Archie can move on to pastures new and perhaps start something new with Katrina.

‘Series 2, Episode 1’ rating – 9/10

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