‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 2, Episode 2 (TV)

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This is one of my favourite episodes of ‘Monarch of the Glen’ as it features Richard Briers at his best as Hector MacDonald. It’s a TV episode that puts his comedic and drama talents to use as an actor. 😀

In the episode, Hector tries to get a barrel of whiskey from Archie who’s taken it away from him. Julian Fellowes guest stars as Kilwillie in the episode. Both he and Richard Briers are brilliant as a double act.

It seems that Kilwillie has been looking after Hector’s barrel of whiskey for 30 years. Not that I’m an expert on whiskey, but did it really require 30 years for Hector and Kilwillie to wait and drink the stuff?

But their hopes of having swigs of the stuff get squandered when Archie gets wind of the barrel that Hector and Kilwillie have in their possession. How exactly he got wind of it is never really explained here.

Archie decides to confiscate the barrel of whiskey against Hector’s protests and claim it as property of the Glenbogle estate. I love it when Hector attempts to get the barrel back from Archie but gets foiled.

Even at night when Hector tries to get the barrel back from Archie in his bedroom he’s outwitted. I found it funny when Hector begged “Have a heart!”. Archie snoots his nose, saying “I don’t have one!”

Hector almost manages to get it out of Archie’s bedroom before he’s caught again when it goes up and down the lift which is funny. Duncan finds the whiskey barrel coming down the lift and is surprised.

Eventually, Hector and Kilwillie work together on a covert-styled operation to get the whiskey barrel out of a room locked by Archie. This is when interviews are taking place for the post of a new head ranger.

Oh yeah! Archie decides to advertise a brand-new job in Glenbogle and appoint a new estate head ranger. This is something that Golly’s not very happy about when he read the advert in the newspaper.

In his mind, Golly sees it as his job to look after the rangers on the Glenbolge estate. He lets out his anger on Duncan, who in fairness is acting rather childish when playing with a toy plane in the kitchen.

When Golly goes to see Archie to talk about the new head ranger position, Archie tries to reassure him that he’ll still have his gillie job separate from the head ranger. But Golly doesn’t seem convinced.

Golly decides to go for the head ranger position himself as he considers himself feeling unwanted. This is something that Archie continually tries to reassure Golly of and it’s not the case, but it doesn’t work.

Duncan, after considering what Golly said to him about growing up and acting his age, decides to apply for the head ranger job as well. This is something that Golly was not expecting when Duncan tells him.

It seems Golly wanted him to take over as gillie when he became the head ranger. Which makes me wonder what was Duncan’s job anyway in the series? Was he the assistant gillie to Golly in the series?

This episode also features the first appearance of James O’Mara as Fergal MacClure, who eventually becomes the head ranger in the series instead of Golly and Duncan. And Archie already knows Fergal!

It seems that the decision to appoint a new head ranger has already been decided by Archie when Fergal is on the scene. Fergal happens to be this professional environmental scientist out on the wilds.

Mind you, Archie does come to a tricky decision on who to appoint as head ranger and whether it’d be Fergal, Golly or Duncan. This is especially when Katrina seems to be rather smitten with Fergal here.

Earlier on, Archie was invited to have some supper with Katrina at her home outside on a sunny evening. It did not end well when Katrina accidentally pour some wine into his lap when about to kiss.

I think Katrina was expecting Archie to make a move after Justine left. But quite rightly it would’ve been too soon for Archie to do that and it wouldn’t be fair. Yet Katrina seems taken with Fergal already.

I like how the episode ended with Archie seeming to come to a deal with Kilwillie before they, Hector and Molly are about to take a drink from the whiskey barrel. But it turns out the whiskey has gone off.

I really like this episode especially with the whiskey barrel subplot featuring Hector and Kilwillie. I found myself laughing as much as Hector, Molly and Archie were whilst Kilwillie wasn’t really amused.

‘Series 2, Episode 2’ rating – 10/10

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