‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 2, Episode 3 (TV)

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This episode features special guest star Claire Neilson as Edith Rankin. She’s the chairwoman of the Glenbogle Council as Archie goes to appeal for a grant regarding the new Glenbogle Adventure Centre.

But as Archie makes his appeal, he’s stopped mid-sentence by Edith Rankin before his appeal gets rejected. This surprises both Archie and Katrina. Archie is determined not to accept ‘no’ for an answer.

It’s interesting how Archie was determined to get the grant and Katrina reassured him beforehand that everything would be fine. Surprised Katrina didn’t know much about Edith Rankin on the council.

Edith Rankin does come across as a formidable head of the local Glenbogle council as well as a bit of a bully. She speaks to Katrina in private to change her vote to support the Glenbogle tourist attraction.

Katrina talks to certain people on the council to ask why they voted against Archie’s proposal when they clearly liked it. It turns out they’re scared of Edith Rankin and are unwilling to oppose against her.

In the episode, Katrina learns from David McKail as Alastair Reid how he proposed a new bowling green once but this got rejected by Edith Rankin. Alastair’s opposition against Edith cost him his career.

Archie also learns that his father Hector has something to do with Edith Rankin’s rejection of the Glenbogle Adventure Centre proposal. Hector once had this special friendship with Edith when young.

It turns out that Edith may have had feelings for Hector when they were young and was bitterly disappointed when he got married to Molly after the war. Hector hadn’t spoken one word to her since.

Archie and Molly try to get Hector to apologise to Edith when making him visit her at her house. It doesn’t go well when Edith’s memories of Hector cause her anger and upset as they have tea together.

I really like Richard Briers’ performance in this episode and how he interacts with Claire Neilson as Edith when trying to persuade her to change her decision on Archie’s proposal. It was pretty standout.

Thankfully Katrina manages to help out with Archie winning the grant from the local council as they persuade the members of the council to support him. The councillors opposing Edith is pretty defining.

Meanwhile, another subplot goes on as Golly, still upset about not getting the head ranger job in the previous episode, tries to bride Duncan to help him instead of Fergal. Fergal does the same vice versa.

Duncan has also been promoted to deputy head ranger working for Fergal. So his duties and his loyalties between Fergal and Golly get torn in two, especially as they bride him to help in their projects.

There’s also an eagle owl featured in this episode. I’ve held an eagle owl once with a gauntlet on my arm when I visited Thoresby Hall back in May 2017. Seeing the eagle owl here brought back memories.

The eagle owl unfortunately goes walkabout when Duncan leaves the cage door open once he goes off with Golly to play with fire high up in the mountains. Fergal is angry with Duncan in letting the owl run wild.

Duncan, upset with being bribed about by Golly and Fergal, soon runs away and goes off in a sulk in his house at night before going off up to the mountain Ben Bogle next day. The others try to find them.

As Golly, Fergal and Lexie try to find Duncan, Golly and Fergal soon are about to fight it out with each other before Duncan reveals himself. He refuses to be bribed by the two, which I found very dramatic.

I like how the episode ends with Archie and Katrina trying to persuade Edith Rankin to join them for a celebration at Glenbogle House. Edith is reluctant to go back to the house before Archie reassures her.

I also liked it when Hector apologised to Edith outside in the garden at the loch and she forgives him. She appears really different and relaxed in her evening dress and hairstyle compared to her prim look.

The episode also has Archie seemingly a tad jealous when Fergal takes Katrina out on a date just as the celebrations at Glenbogle House get started. Still Archie gets to dance with Lexie at the tale’s end.

This is a very good episode with Archie and Katrina getting the grant for the Glenbogle Adventure Centre from Edith Rankin. This episode highlights Hector as a character as well as Duncan so superbly.

‘Series 2, Episode 3’ rating – 10/10

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