‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 2, Episode 4 (TV)

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In this episode, it’s Archie’s 30th birthday. At the time of this review, I’ve just had my 30th birthday. It is ironic to look back on this episode when I first watched it before I became 30 like Archie did here. 🙂

Of course, I didn’t have a birthday like Archie in this episode. For starters, Hector plans to find a lovely lass for him. I’m happy my Dad didn’t do that for my 30th birthday. It would’ve been embarrassing. 😀

Archie meanwhile doesn’t really have birthday plans on his mind. He’s focused on getting things sorted for the Glenbogle Visitors’ Centre, especially as he has contractors to remove some stuff from a barn.

But the family aren’t going to stop on planning a surprise party to mark the occasion of Archie’s 30th. Molly and Lexie gang together to prepare the birthday party on the beach and other things on the day.

Going back to Hector’s plans for Archie to find a lovely lass for him, he’s merely doing it so that an heir can be produced for the MacDonald line. To do it, he puts an article in a magazine for Archie’s benefit.

The article describes Archie as the most eligible bachelor in Scotland. Hector hopes that will do the trick. Seriously Hector? You believe that Archie would be grateful to you for doing this ludicrous thing?

Archie is unaware of course of what his father is up to, but when he does find out he’s livid with anger. I do not blame Archie as Hector was really rushing him into the whole marriage to produce a son thing.

It was funny mind when there were lots of woman waiting to be seen to after seeing the article in the magazine. Archie of course has them sent on their way and Hector walks off in a huff out of the house.

But when Hector meets Niall Bugg as Kieran Conway with his daughter Flora Montgomery as Tanya, he’s instantly enchanted by the young girl. He brings them back to Glenbogle when they come to visit.

Archie continues to have nothing to do with Hector’s plans to get him married off when he hears of Tanya and her father visiting them. But as soon as Archie meets Tanya, he is instantly attracted to her.

Seriously, I found it very funny when Archie is immediately smitten with Tanya once he sees her moments after he was fuming. It was that simple with one look to get instantly attracted to Tanya? 😀

I like Tanya as she seems to be a nice girl when Archie meets her. It’s also interesting how she notices that Archie is really in love with Katrina whenever she sees the two of them. She seems calm about it.

But of course Tanya and her father aren’t what they seem. Archie doesn’t realise that Tanya and her father are confidence tricksters as they are attempting to steal the rich goods from Glenbogle house itself.

This is confirmed when Tanya tells her father that Archie and Glenbogle are broke and he’s angered about it. This setback however isn’t going to prevent Tanya’s father with trying to steal from the house.

Archie also has to deal with a rather difficult elderly tenant, Phil McCall as Tosh MacKellan. Tosh has been living within Glenbogle House’s premises for some time before chaining himself up inside a barn.

Tosh demands to have his cottage back when he claims Hector evicted him out from it. But it gets revealed that Tosh lost it after his Annie died and he couldn’t cope anymore before he became evicted.

Eventually, Archie manages to help Tosh with getting his cottage back so long as he does work for Golly. The story with Tosh was nice to watch. I like how Archie handles it with getting his cottage back.

I also enjoyed the subplot that Duncan had when he tries to take a group of schoolchildren to escort them around the estate. He’s not happy with kids and he doesn’t do a good job showing them around.

Fortunately Duncan becomes friends with one of the kids, Scott Fletcher as…Duncan. Yeah! Duncan gets a fan in another Duncan in the episode. I quite liked that when I was watching the episode itself. 😀

The episode sadly concludes with Tanya and her father found out and Archie’s birthday somewhat ruined. It also turns out Katrina and Fergal have been seeing each other as they share a kiss at the end.

This episode was very enjoyable in seeing how Archie’s birthday turned out. It’s amusing and sad how Hector’s plans on finding a lassie for Archie didn’t work out and it was nice for Duncan to meet mini-Duncan. 🙂

‘Series 2, Episode 4’ rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 2, Episode 4 (TV)

  1. rosullivanpoet

    Thank you for the synopsis .. I am missing the S2 episodes 1 thru 4 disc in my box set of the series, thus have to watch the first four online instead .. and the website froze on me shortly after older Duncan meets the younger Duncan. But I believe that I’m well caught up now, thanks to your detailed review here

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi rosullivanpoet.

      Glad you enjoyed my review on this ‘Monarch’ episode.

      Sorry to hear you’re missing the Series 2 Disc 1 episodes in your box set of the series. Hope you’ll be able to sort that out. Sorry the episode kept freezing on you online. Hope you’ll get to see the full episode properly soon.

      I am behind on updating my reviews for ‘Monarch of the Glen’ as well as for a lot of things, but I hope to get back into re-watching the series again soon.

      Many thanks for your comments.

      Tim. 🙂



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