‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 2, Episode 5 (TV)

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In this episode, Molly plays a game of poker to settle her gambling debts. But she finds herself up against a hard-nosed gangster named Mr. Murdo, to whom she owns £4,000 which she cannot afford.

This is an episode that shines on Molly’s character in the series and Susan Hampshire delivers a superb performance. It’s an episode that showcases how reckless and confident Molly can be in her gambling.

The episode features the return of Ralph Riach as Geordie McCann, Molly’s bookie who appeared in Series 1, Episode 3. Hector’s not happy when Geordie returns as there’s clearly tension between them.

The guest cast also includes Hilton McRae as Mr. Murdo, who has taken over Geordie’s business. Geordie lost everything because of bad bets and has had to pass over all his assets to Mr. Murdo here.

Murdo is a pretty shady character in this story as it seems that he now owns all of Molly’s ‘I owe yous’ from the gambling she’s made. Molly intends to settle her debts and to not let Archie know about this.

When Molly meets up with Murdo for the first time, he’s not an altogether reasonable man to deal with. On her second visit to Murdo, Molly challenges him to a game of poker at Glenbogle House itself.

Well actually, Murdo suggests playing the game at Glenbogle House before Molly hesitantly agrees. Thankfully Archie’s out of the way while the game of poker Molly plays to clear her debt is taking place.

So yeah, what about Archie? Well, he’s been preparing a first visit to the house from the local council by setting up a tableau of what Glenbogle House could’ve looked like in Victorian times. A bit unusual.

Anyway this fails when Duncan makes a mess of the fireplace in the living room, getting himself covered in soot in the first place. Archie shares his dismay about the total fireplace disaster to Katrina.

Katrina however isn’t being helpful as she seems to give the impression that she doesn’t care about Archie’s problems. This might be due to tensions between them at the previous episode’s conclusion.

I know Archie wasn’t in a good mood after the disaster with Tanya in the previous episode, but there’s no need to be sulky all about it, Katrina? Katrina does seem to be unreasonable towards Archie in this.

Mind you, there is more to it than that. The tensions are stirred when there’s this love triangle between Archie, Katrina and Fergal, especially when Fergal begins to take an interest in Katrina in this.

Fergal wants to ‘wow’ Katrina or ‘woo’ her however you want to put it. He tried to give her some flowers which she didn’t like. Fergal then asks Archie’s advice. He suggests planting a silver birch tree.

This works the next day when Fergal plants a silver birch tree outside Katrina’s garden, despite it being Archie’s idea. Archie begins to show signs of jealously even when smashing a window in a little cottage. 😀

Oh yeah. After Katrina criticises Archie’s efforts to set up the tableau in Glenbogle House, he decides to set it up in a working man’s cottage instead. He has 36 hours to set it up. That shouldn’t be hard. 😀

To be fair, it gives Molly the opportunity to play the poker game in Glenbogle House whilst Archie’s occupied. Archie has Fergal helping him out for a bit whilst he is setting up that tableau in this cottage.

Fergal however notices there might be something going on between Archie and Katrina in their relationship. Archie and Katrina deny it once he questions them each in turn, but Fergal’s unconvinced.

I did like that scene between Archie and Katrina when they’re in the cottage together and it seems the only scene where they’re nice to each other. Katrina shares the sad tale of Kilfidder to Archie here.

I did find the relationship between Lexie and Duncan to be off in this episode. Lexie seems to be back treating Duncan as very low like she did during Series 1. I assumed that these two passed that stage.

Molly’s game of poker doesn’t go well throughout the episode when Murdo seems to be willing. I liked it when Hector works it out by using an ultra-violet scanner to find ink planted on cards he brought along.

This episode is reasonably good in showcasing Molly’s character as a gambler as well as exploring the character relationships between Archie, Katrina and Fergal. Who knows where this storyline will go next?

‘Series 2, Episode 5’ rating – 8/10

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