‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 2, Episode 6 (TV)

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In this episode, Archie attempts to hold a wedding at Glenbogle House as he believes that it may be a novel venue for weddings. He shares this with the others and they seem really taken with the idea.

They have their first couple come to Glenbogle House and it happens to be Aline Mowat as Pamela McApline with her fiancé Brian Pettifer as Eric Morton. Pamela seems to a very cheerful sort of lady.

But as it turns out, Pamela happens to be Lexie’s mum. It was amazing to meet Lexie’s mum for the first time in the series. It is superb that this episode gets to showcase Lexie’s character for a change.

Lexie isn’t happy about her mum coming to Glenbogle to get married as the presence of her brings back bad memories of her childhood. Once Pamela’s in the room, she sends Lexie up the wrong way.

Archie tries to persuade Lexie to reconcile her differences with her mum. It was interesting to hear the back-story to Lexie’s character about how she left her mother before she ended up in Glenbogle.

It’s clear that Pamela is trying to ease tensions between her and her daughter, but she isn’t doing it the right way. Believing the wedding and showing off her daughter as bridesmaid doesn’t help here.

It’s not Lexie that Archie has a problem with to sort out the wedding. Golly is displeased that the wedding couple insist on ‘no bagpipes’. He tries to play them but Archie always stop him in doing so.

Molly was also keen about the flower arrangements for the wedding, but Pamela has her own ideas of orchids and lilies. Archie shares Pamela’s flower plans and Molly gets put out by this whole affair.

Hector also becomes difficult when he openly insults Sam Graham as Rev. Mitchell. It’s something to do with Jamie’s funeral when the vicar preached and Hector didn’t think so much of him at the time.

As for Duncan, well he doesn’t really complain. In fact he doesn’t have much of a major role to play in the episode. He gets to dress up for the wedding at the episode’s climax, but that’s about it really.

Later on, Archie shares with Katrina how frustrated he is about the wedding arrangements not going according to plan. He does get slightly irritated when Katrina rightly points out why it does not work.

Meanwhile Katrina has problems of her own when her school is set to be closed. There’s a meeting that takes place in the village hall where Archie and Katrina plead for reconsideration on the school.

Mark Dexter guest stars as Andy McArdle, the spin-doctor who comes to discuss the new school arrangements for Glenbogle’s kids. Andy also happens to be an old friend of Archie’s from way back.

Archie tries to persuade Andy to reconsider the Glenbogle school being closed down when visiting him at his place of work. It then turns out Andy might have been fibbing his Oxford university career.

Because of this, Archie manages to secure a chance for Glenbogle school to stay open. But it’ll only need one teacher. Katrina must choose over whether to give up her school career altogether or not.

Katrina also didn’t have Fergal supporting her over the school closure reconsideration campaign she was running. He didn’t turn up for the meeting at the village hall since he had to go somewhere else.

It seems that Fergal has gone for a job to be a ranger in New Zealand. Oh I wish I could go to New Zealand. Thinking about it makes me think of seeing the filming locations for ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Fergal is not going for the ranger job in New Zealand unless Katrina chooses to go with him too. Katrina has to decide on that front over whether to give up her school career or go with Fergal to NZ.

Her feelings for Archie are considered here. She’s almost about to meet and ask him what he thinks before she sees him and Lexie kiss each other. It is bad timing. Katrina makes the wrong assumption.

She thinks that Archie and Lexie have fallen in love with each other and decides to go with Fergal after all. Once learning from Lexie that she and Archie are not together, Katrina realises her mistake.

The sixth episode of Series 2 is a very character-driven episode. I like how we get to meet Lexie’s mum and how she and her reconcile differences. I also like how Archie and Katrina’s story develops.

‘Series 2, Episode 6’ rating – 9/10

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