‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 2, Episode 7 (TV)

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This episode features the return of Archie’s sister Lizzie. Except this time, she’s not played by Abigail Cruttenden as she was in Series 1, Episode 5. She’s played by Hilary Maclean instead. Pretty unusual!

I’m not sure what the reason is behind recasting Lizzie, though it’s likely Abigail Cruttenden wasn’t available for this episode. It is ironic as Lizzie gets cast three times in three episodes of this TV series.

I like Hilary Maclean’s performance as Lizzie in this episode. Her portrayal of Lizzie seems nicer compared to Abigail Cruttenden. She’s also friendlier to Archie as the two have got over differences.

Lizzie returns to Glenbogle and is about to have a baby. She didn’t have the baby with Gerald though. She had an affair with another man who was already married and left to go back to his wife.

Hector isn’t too pleased when he hears that Lizzie has returned, pregnant and unmarried. He lets out his anger on her. Lizzie too is equally angry that her father isn’t supporting her in the way he should.

I did like the scenes that Lizzie shares with Archie when they talk about their father and how she feels unloved by him. Lizzie and Archie do seem to have a stronger connection together in this story.

Lizzie also knows about Archie’s feelings for Katrina, especially when she’s about to leave for New Zealand with Fergal. Archie believes he has lost Katrina forever as Lizzie tries to convince her to stay.

I liked the scene Lizzie has with Katrina at her house. This is on the day before Katrina’s about to go to New Zealand. It’s clear that Katrina doesn’t want to go and that she has strong feelings for Archie.

Meanwhile with Hector, he distracts himself from Lizzie by getting involved in the competition for the tallest tree in Scotland. He and Archie try to demonstrate their latest achievement to a reporter.

But Julian Fellowes as Kilwillie has a taller tree on his estate and he competes with them in the competition too. There’s the bitter rivalry between Hector and Kilwillie over who has the tallest tree.

It was amusing to see Hector and Kilwillie competing together for the tallest tree in Scotland competition and even they admit later on they’ve been foolish. They soon make up for it in the end.

It’s also interesting how their friendship gets tested with someone chopping off the top of their trees in the episode. Golly gradually works out that Kilwillie’s new gillie Billy has something to do with this.

Thankfully Lizzie has her baby whom she later names her Martha, which is Hector’s mother’s name. All is forgiven between Hector and his daughter Lizzie and more love is there between them later on.

Jason O’Mara also makes his final appearance as Fergal in the series. Katrina soon goes with him in the taxi, but Lizzie has asked her to be the godmother of her child as well as Archie as the godfather.

Archie makes a last minute attempt to tell Katrina how he feels about her, especially as Hector and Molly say “Tell her you love her!” Archie runs all the way from Glenbogle House to the train station.

Now you might think that’s stupid…and that’s because it is. I mean, seriously! Why didn’t Archie take a car to chase after Katrina and Fergal? He ran all the way to the train station and he didn’t collapse?

It’s too late anyway since Katrina and Fergal are gone by the time Archie reaches the train station. You see! Archie should have taken the car! And he walks all the way back home to Glenbogle House.

Hector and Molly are sorry that Archie lost his chance when he returns home. But Lexie seems happy that she may have a future with Archie. You can clearly see that in the smile that she has on her face.

But it turns out Katrina left Fergal on the journey to Edinburgh after having a row with him. Archie finds Fergal there at Katrina’s house when collecting the house keys. Katrina isn’t there to be found.

In the end, Fergal goes off to New Zealand without Katrina; someone else wins the tallest tree in Scotland competition instead of Hector and Kilwillie and Lizzie’s daughter gets christened by Hector.

All in all, this is a very good episode. The Archie running scene is stupid, but apart from that the episode is very good on character drama. Lewis Howden as Sean, Lizzie’s taxi driver is very good too.

‘Series 2, Episode 7’ rating – 9/10

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