‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 2, Episode 8 (TV)

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It’s the season finale to Series 2 and the MacDonald clan gathering is taking place. Whilst preparing for his coronation as the laird of Glenbogle, Archie gains competition from an American MacDonald.

This episode features Tom Hodgkins as Joe MacDonald with Loreleli King as his wife Bonnie…wait! I just realised something. Lorelei King did the narrator in the ‘Doctor Who’ tale ‘A Town Called Mercy’.

And she also guest starred in the Big Finish audio ‘The Contingency Club’. Wow! A ‘Monarch of the Glen’ guest star would later do a ‘Doctor Who’ TV episode and Big Finish audio and I didn’t realise it.

Joe and Bonnie MacDonald with their little son Iain De Caestecker as Angus/Ricky come to Glenbogle for the MacDonald clan gathering. It also seems Joe has come to Glenbogle to claim his inheritance.

This stuns Archie and his family when they hear of this. It seems that Joe may actually be the rightful laird to Glenbogle instead of Archie. Archie is determined to fight and to prove he’s the rightful laird.

Hector, who previously seemed downhearted about not being of any use anymore, sees an opportunity to help Archie to win against Joe’s claim to the lairdship. I like this aspect of the episode.

For a change, Hector and Archie see eye to eye with each other as they’re determined to save Glenbogle and not have an American MacDonald take charge. They soon call for some help with this.

Julian Fellowes guest stars as Kilwillie in the episode. Kilwillie, with his expert knowledge, helps Archie, Hector and the family with finding some way to oppose Joe’s claims and not lose their home.

Eventually, Archie, Hector and Kilwillie offer the Chieftain’s Challenge to Joe MacDonald. This happens to be a test of brain, brawn and wisdom to reveal who the true laird of Glenbogle is here.

It’s interesting how an American MacDonald claims inheritance for the lairdship for Glenbogle when he and Archie’s direct ancestors were brothers. One brother stayed behind. Another fled to America.

Joe comes from the older brother who fled to America whilst Archie comes from the younger brother. The Chieftain’s Challenge is something Archie will have to work hard for to win against Joe.

Meanwhile, Katrina has come back to Glenbogle. She’s still pretty shaken from the breakup she had with Fergal from the previous episode. She has little success in establishing a connection with Archie.

Archie offers Katrina to cut the ribbon at the new Glenbogle ‘shop’ he’s set up. But the way he handles it is rather insensitive. He could’ve suggested it to her to put her mind off Fergal while back.

Instead he’s handles it rather badly and upsets Katrina. Katrina at one point is about to leave Glenbogle forever as she gives up her cottage. Archie persuades her to see him at Glenbogle house.

But Archie doesn’t get to see Katrina for one evening as he’s pretty busy preparing for the Chieftain’s Challenge and Lexie causes trouble. It seems Lexie has a thing for Archie and wants ‘to be’ with him.

When Katrina turns up and says Archie wants to see her, Lexie lies to her that she and him are together. Katrina is upset and walks out. So surprised Archie didn’t ask where Katrina was that night.

Next morning, Lexie sees Archie while he’s having a bath (seriously!) and admits her feelings for him. But Archie tells Lexie that ‘Katrina got to’ him ‘first’. Lexie guessed it was the case once he’d told her.

During the clan gathering, Lexie makes amends by getting the two star-crossed lovers together. It’s amazing how Lexie, despite her own feelings, is willing to assist Archie find a way to be with Katrina.

In the episode, Duncan does have a problem with the little boy Angus/Ricky who plays pranks on him. Eventually, they both share a common interest in playing Game boys and become friends later.

The episode comes to a dramatic conclusion with Archie winning the Chieftain’s Challenge and winning Katrina as his girlfriend. Hector makes things worse damaging the Glenbogle bridge with a bus. 😀

Series 2 of ‘Monarch of the Glen’ has been pretty good overall. I enjoyed the last episode and how it dramatically ends the season with Archie and Katrina together and Archie being coroneted as a laird.

‘Series 2, Episode 8’ rating – 10/10

‘Monarch of the Glen’: Series 2 rating – 10/10

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