‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 3, Episode 2 (TV)

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In this episode, Stella makes cutbacks on Glenbogle’s spending. Archie has to send Hector’s dogs over to Kilwillie whilst Golly, Lexie and Duncan go on strike once they’re getting pay-cuts on their own jobs.

This is an intriguing episode to showcase how Stella’s attempts to maintain Glenbogle’s finances are at odds with what goes on within the big house. Taking charge of Glenbogle is not easy as Stella thinks.

The drastic changes Stella makes come across as cold-hearted. The motives behind Stella’s attempts to economise are intriguing. She still sees Glenbogle as a business and not in a family way that Archie does.

She’s doing these cutbacks in order to increase profit. But the endeavours don’t quite go according to plan as it causes even more problems. Stella also sees mice which cause her to scream very loudly. 😀

It’s interesting how Archie tries to adhere to Stella’s demands even if he finds them questionable. He comes up with the suggestion to cut Duncan, Lexie and Golly’s salaries after she suggested firing them.

But Duncan, Lexie and Golly aren’t so keen on Archie’s solution of having their wages cut by 50% and they soon go on strike. I actually wonder why Archie didn’t consult his three friends over the problem.

It would’ve made a lot of sense if Archie shared the problem with Duncan, Lexie and Golly and they come up with an alternative to Stella sacking them. But of course Archie does not think in that regard.

Lexie seems to take it rather personally that Archie has sided to Stella’s demands whereas Golly and Duncan don’t take it so personally. This is due to Lexie seeming to believe that Archie’s fallen for Stella.

This is also the first episode to not feature Katrina as she left in the previous episode. Archie seems to be missing Katrina by this point and Lexie is in the hopes she is next to be his love interest in the series.

But Archie doesn’t immediately take Lexie on as he still hasn’t got over Katrina. So when the strikes goes on, Lexie is thinking Archie’s taken a fancy to Stella instead and she becomes increasingly jealous.

I did find it funny when Duncan was making protests with a picket whilst Archie did his work in fixing a guttering. Duncan finds themselves being seduced by Stella with Hobnob biscuits once she sees him. 😀

Golly meanwhile gives an important lesson to Archie during his time of being stressed out as he says “We always have a choice, son.” I liked how Golly takes things calmly compared to Lexie handling this.

There is an argument between Golly, Duncan and Lexie over the situation in the middle of the night. Lexie is sulky and wants to work for Kilwillie instead whilst Golly and Duncan don’t want to give in yet.

Meanwhile at the house, things fall apart. The central heating goes off and it becomes colder. The power goes out especially during a thunderstorm at night. Archie is in woolly hat by this point anyway.

There are also tensions between Hector and Molly when they have difficulty living together. Hector tries to practice his golf-playing while Molly does her painting in the same room. Things aren’t smooth.

It was funny in that lunch scene where Hector and Molly argued and Archie storms off in a huff when Hector complains about there being no soup. Hector and Molly are not good looking after themselves.

Thankfully Hector and Molly do make up over their arguing when it’s the middle of the night and when Stella has to stay overnight during a storm. It’s at this point Stella discovers her economising doesn’t work.

Julian Fellowes guest stars as Kilwillie in the episode, although he could easily be a regular character by this point. Kilwillie looks after Hector’s dogs, though we do not get to see how that turns out in this.

Kilwillie does state it’s not exactly a happy endeavour looking after Hector’s dogs before Stella takes them off his hands after conducting a business transaction. Hector’s very happy to see his dogs return.

There is a point where Lexie seemingly turns her back on Archie when she works for Kilwillie instead. But thankfully she does return and very soon the Glenbogle house is happy with the ‘family’ together.

I like how the episode ends with Stella looking through the window to see how the ‘Monarch’ family is having a good time whilst she’s distant form them. Overall, I found this a very good episode to watch.

‘Series 3, Episode 2’ rating – 8/10

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