‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 3, Episode 3 (TV)

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In this episode, Stella Moon has Golly arrested and locked up, accusing him for stealing salmon fish off Glenbogle’s estate. Hector and Kilwillie also get arrested and locked up as they’ve been caught fishing.

As a consequence, Archie has no ghillie, no food and no means of bringing guests to Glenbogle House for a fishing weekend. Stella suggests that Duncan does Golly’s job. But can Duncan be ghillie within a day?

Alexandra Gilbreath is a great actress and it’s interesting how she plays Stella Moon in Series 3 with so many layers to the character. Stella overreaches again in this episode as before in the previous one.

I’ve come to realise that Stella doesn’t think things through, despite being a good banker. She makes mistakes and assumes the wrong end of the stick, especially with regards to Glenbogle estate matters.

When Archie asks Golly about bringing 12 fishing guests for a weekend, Golly suggests 6 instead due to concerns of the fish habitat. But Stella insists on 12 guests as she seeks to raise Glenbogle’s revenue.

Golly refuses to be the guide of 12 fishing guests and as a consequence Stella bans anyone except visitors to fish on Glenbogle’s estate. This upsets Hector and Kilwillie who are used to fishing regularly.

Later on, Stella witness Golly selling two salmon to a local grocer. After taking photographs, Stella has Golly arrested for poaching. Golly won’t reveal the reason over why he sold the two salmon first place.

There are tensions especially between Archie and Golly on whether they trust each other or not. Golly can’t trust Archie as he has a feeling he only wants him out of jail due to an upcoming fishing weekend.

It’s also interesting how Stella instantly arrests Golly without consulting Archie on the matter. At this stage, Stella is someone who can’t trust anyone and doesn’t consider the Glenbogle family as a family.

Meanwhile, Hector and Kilwillie defy Stella when they go fishing against her ban. They even go to see Stella in the estate office as Hector outrightly tells her “There’s nothing you can do to stop us!” Brave! 😀

I enjoyed the scenes where Hector and Kilwillie are locked up in a prison cell together and they try to make contact with Golly. Golly can hear every word they’re saying when in the prison cell next to him.

The episode features Tony Roper as PC Andy Craig. Craig is interesting as a police officer as he’s reluctant to arrest Golly. It comes across that Golly is very well-liked within the Glenbogle community.

This is evident when Stella sees the tyres of her car burst flat out by someone as revenge for arresting Golly. The same also applies when Stella has the estate office phone cut off. This puts Archie out too.

Archie had intended to call the fishing guests that the weekend is cancelled. Stella suggests Duncan does Golly’s job instead. This is where Stella comes across as a little stupid as Duncan can’t do Golly’s job.

Despite being seduced by Stella, even with a kiss on the cheek I might add, Duncan struggles to get it right with being a ghillie. Stella even says he’s a ‘clown’ at the job. Understandably, Duncan gets upset.

This is when Duncan eavesdrops on a conversation between her and Archie. Duncan even tells Archie that he feels he’s let Golly down because of his attraction to Stella. Duncan even stalked Stella in the episode.

Thankfully Duncan is able to redeem himself when he goes to give evidence in court on Golly’s behalf. Molly is there to defend Golly, Hector and Kilwillie in court. Yeah! Molly becomes a defence advocate!

It turns out Molly is a fan of ‘Perry Mason’ novels. So, she utilises her detective skills in order to solve the case of why Golly sold two salmon and how to get Hector and Kilwillie out of jail in a legal manner.

This episode also features Jenny Lee as Duncan’s Auntie Liz for the first time. There’s John Murtagh as Sheriff Jeffries the court judge and Jane Stabler as McSweeney the court prosecutor who has one line. 😀

Lexie continues to have growing feelings for Archie, especially when Molly somehow can read the tea leaves in her mug. But the hopes of a love life with Archie are not evident yet, even as Stella moves in.

The third episode of Series 3 is very good. I enjoyed this episode as it showcases Stella in an interesting light where she learns the error of her ways. It’s also very interesting how the court case gets resolved.

‘Series 3, Episode 3’ rating – 8/10

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