‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 3, Episode 4 (TV)

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This episode features the debut of Rae Hendrie as Jessica, Golly’s daughter. At the time of seeing this episode, I had no idea that she would be coming back as a series regular. But that’s for another time.

It comes as a surprise to everyone when Golly mentions that the pretty young girl in the village is her daughter. It is especially as Duncan comes to pick Golly, Hector and Archie up from the hairdressers.

Duncan is rather friendly towards Jessica when they meet, but he doesn’t know she’s Golly’s daughter until he mentions it. It is a sad day for Jessica mind as her grandfather lately passed away.

It turns out Golly fell in love with Jessica’s mum, Lindy Whiteford as Allison, many years ago. But he never married her since she did not want to be married to someone from the Highlands. Poor Golly!

But Alison is actually a nice lady at heart and is very grateful to Golly when she turns up for her father’s funeral. They rekindle the past with each other before Alison wishes to tell Jessica the truth.

She wants to tell her daughter that her father is Golly. Golly reluctantly agrees as he isn’t sure how Jess is going to take the news. And it turns out Jess isn’t too happy that Golly happens to be her dad.

During the episode, Golly has to find a way to reconcile with his daughter and all the times he’s missed being there for her. It is not easy but eventually Jess comes round to accept Golly as her dad.

I liked Rae Hendrie’s performance as Jess in this episode and it’s no surprise that she came back to play the character from Series 5 onwards to the end. More is yet to come for Jess later in the series.

This episode also features Simon Weir as Stuart Macintosh. He’s a local buildings contractor who is responsible for completing repairs to the Glenbogle bridge. The bridge is nearly completely repaired.

As well as seeing to the bridge completely repair, Stuart also comes to Archie with a decent offer for the unused crumbling cottages located on the estate. Archie’s not so taken with Stuart’s personality.

Why? But he’s managed to catch Lexie’s attention as she’s easily attracted to him. Archie is clearly jealous when he hears from Lexie that Stuart asked her out on a date. More about this aspect later.

Anyway Stuart offers £1000 to buy up the old dilapidated cottages. Archie agrees but the plans go wrong when Stella discovers these cottages too and she plans to turn them into a new profit maker.

Going back to Lexie dating Stuart, Lexie has lately become annoyed that Archie has allowed Stella to stay at Glenbogle House during the time she’s organising the estate’s finances. She does not like her.

Lexie becomes ratty in the early part of the episode, letting her temper get the better of her and thinking Archie is fancying Stella for some reason. Thus she clearly dates Stuart to get her own back.

I know Lexie is a character depends more on emotional feeling rather than logic and reason. But it seems rather unfair that Lexie’s dating Stuart so that she can make Archie jealous because of Stella.

Meanwhile, Hector joins a secret society called the Highland 100 with Julian Fellowes as Kilwillie. It seems Hector has been nominated for membership in the Highland 100 that happens to be all-male.

There’s one catch though. Hector has to come up with £2000 in order to join and host a secret dinner at Glenbogle house for the members. This is something Hector finds quite difficult to obtain.

When Hector hears of Stuart Macintosh intending to buy cottage properties, he’s not too keen at first. But when he hears of a way to get the money he needs, Hector naughtily does a deal with him.

It’s a rather funny subplot involving Hector and Kilwillie who try to have their secret Highland 100 dinner in the basement of Glenbogle House. This is especially where they get caught out at the end.

I am confused by the end though where Kilwillie takes Hector in to join the bun-fight and all the Highland 100 members have gone. Where did they go, even if it was funny with Hector blindfolded?

This episode is very good establishing more of Golly’s character and his interaction with his daughter Jess who makes an impressive debut. The Highland 100 subplot was also very entertaining to watch.

‘Series 3, Episode 4’ rating – 8/10

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