‘Monarch of the Glen’, Series 5, Episode 10 (TV)

monarch5dvd2 monarch of the glen


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This episode features Ron Donachie as Lexie’s father, Alec. Ron Donachie later guest stared in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘Tooth and Claw’ with David Tennant. Alec comes to see Lexie at Glenbogle after all these years. But Lexie isn’t happy to see her father and wants him gone as soon as possible.

Sara Stewart also guest stars as Amanda in this episode. There’s also Richenda Carey as Lady Dorothy and Eileen McCallum as Edith McDougal. I liked the romantic subplot going on between Duncan and Jess, especially when Golly doesn’t like them being together before he gradually accepts them both.

‘Series 5, Episode 10’ rating – 8/10

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