‘Monarch of the Glen’ – Who’s Who

Here’s a list of who’s who in the ‘Monarch of the Glen’ TV series.


RICHARD BRIERS as Hector MacDonald (Series 1-3, 7)

Hector MacDonald is a former Laird of Glenbogle who was succeeded by his son Archie when the estate passed on to him. Hector is an old-fashioned, proud and stubborn man, believing in the traditions of Glenbogle and upholding the MacDonald Clan. He clashes with Archie a lot of the time as he doesn’t see things eye to eye with his son. Richard Briers played the character of Hector MacDonald for three seasons. He later returned for a special guest appearance as Hector in the final TV episode.

SUSAN HAMPSHIRE as Molly MacDonald (Series 1-7)

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ALISTAIR MACKENZIE as Archie McDonald (Series 1-5)

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LORRAINE PILKINGTON as Katrina Finlay (Series 1-3. 4)

Katrina Finlay is a schoolteacher in Glenbogle. She takes on an active role to represent the Glenbogle community and does this by becoming a councillor. She and Archie have known each other since kids. They form feelings for each other during the series, but often clash with each other. Lorraine Pilkington played Katrina in the first two seasons before making her final appearance in the first episode of Series 3. She later returned for a special guest appearance as Katrina in the third episode of Series 4.

ALEXANDER MORTON as Golly MacKenzie (Series 1-7)

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DAWN STEELE as Lexie MacTavish (Series 1-6)

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HAMISH CLARK as Duncan McKay (Series 1-6, 7)

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