The World of Agatha Christie

agatha christie

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to my page on ‘The World of Agatha Christie’ on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

On this page, I’ll be posting DVD reviews on adaptations of the works of Agatha Christie. This will include DVD reviews on the TV and film adaptations of the crime novels by the literary author.

I’ve enjoyed these adaptations of the classic novels by the famous literary author and they’re some of my Mum’s favourites too. I’ve greatly enjoyed the TV movie adaptations of ‘Agatha Christie’s Marple’ series by ITV with Geraldine McEwan and Julia McKenzie. Stay tuned for reviews on TV and film adaptations of Agatha Christie’s work as I go.

Please feel free to visit, read and comment on my DVD reviews related to ‘The World of Agatha Christie’. I hope you’ll enjoy my thoughts on the TV and film adaptations of Agatha Christie’s novels.

Here is a list of my reviews in relation to ‘The World of Agatha Christie’. Click on the links below to see and read my reviews.


Miss Marple ‘Murder’ films with Margaret Rutherford

Hercule Poirot films with Albert Finney/Peter Ustinov

Miss Marple film with Angela Lansbury

‘Miss Marple’ (BBC TV Series) with Joan Hickson

‘Agatha Christie’s Marple’ with Geraldine McEwan/Julia McKenzie

Series 1

Series 2

  • ‘Sleeping Murder’ (2006) (TV)
  • ‘The Moving Finger’ (2006) (TV)
  • ‘By the Pricking of My Thumbs’ (2006) (TV)
  • ‘The Sittaford Mystery’ (2006) (TV)

Series 3

  • ‘At Bertram’s Hotel’ (2007) (TV)
  • ‘Ordeal by Innocence’ (2007) (TV)
  • ‘Toward Zero’ (2008) (TV)
  • ‘Nemesis’ (2009) (TV)

Series 4

  • ‘A Pocket Full of Rye’ (2009) (TV)
  • ‘Murder Is Easy’ (2009) (TV)
  • ‘They Do It With Mirrors’ (2010) (TV)
  • ‘Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?’ (2010) (TV)

Series 5

  • ‘The Pale Horse’ (2010) (TV)
  • ‘The Secret of Chimneys’ (2010) (TV)
  • ‘The Blue Geranium’ (2010) (TV)
  • ‘The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side’ (2011) (TV)

Series 6

  • ‘A Caribbean Mystery’ (2013) (TV)
  • ‘Greenshaw’s Folly’ (2013) (TV)
  • ‘Endless Night’ (2013) (TV)

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