‘The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side’ (1992) (TV)


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Movie Star Murder with Joan Hickson’s Marple

The twelfth and final story of the ‘Miss Marple’ series with Joan Hickson is ‘The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side’. It’s shown as a 1 hour 46 minute TV movie, based on the 1962 book by Agatha Christie.

‘The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side’ was shown on the 27th of December 1992. I’ve seen the ITV version of the story, featuring Julia Mackenzie and Lindsay Duncan in it. This version’s almost similar.

I enjoyed the last story of the ‘Miss Marple’ series with Joan Hickson as it felt like a fitting end. This is especially when certain characters returned to make it worthwhile as the final entry to a good series.

Joan Hickson also delivers a splendid performance as ever as Miss Marple. It’s sad that not long after doing this story, she died in 1998. It’s fitting that she did this one, making her mark as the character.

Of course, the BBC version does feel like it is closer to the original book than other versions. Interesting side note! Agatha Christie dedicated the original book to Margaret Rutherford in 1962. 😀

This story has a Hollywood star come to stay in St. Mary Mead. This is Marina Gregg who takes up residence in Dolly Bantry’s old house for a local film shoot. But her life of glamour is not all pleasant.

As the story progresses, it turns out that she has a secret past and it gets revealed when a local woman dies during a party. Miss Marple solves the mystery of what goes on as she assists the police.

The TV adaptation features Claire Bloom as Marina Gregg. I’ve seen Claire Bloom before in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘The End of Time’. It was nice to see her in this and playing a different character.

It was interesting how the story unveils what goes on with Marina Gregg when she seems to be distracted by something and goes on this road of a nervous breakdown. It turns out to be very tragic.

Regarding returning characters, there’s Gwen Watford as Mrs. Dolly Bantry. She made her first appearance in ‘The Body In The Library’ at the start of the series. It’s intriguing how she comes back.

I was shocked to hear that her husband died in the interim between ‘The Body In The Library’ and this story. How sad! I was hoping that Moray Watson would’ve returned for this final story of this series.

There’s also John Castle as Detective Inspector Craddock. I thought I recognised him. He was in ‘A Murder Is Announced’ in the series. And he turns out to be Miss Marple’s nephew. That’s intriguing.

I mean, I don’t recall Craddock being stated that he was Miss Marple’s nephew in ‘A Murder Is Announced’ from this series. Perhaps I misheard. Anyway he did and still does rely on his aunt here.

There’s also David Horovitich who has now been promoted to Superintendent Slack in this story. Now to be fair, he’s less grouchy in the story and he certainly recommends Miss Marple for this case.

It’s also interesting how he handles being in an executive role this time in the series. He is rather hard on Craddock investigating the case with Miss Marple, but he did thank Miss Marple at the end.

The story also features Barry Newman as Jason Rudd, who’s married to Marina Gregg I believe. There’s also Elizabeth Garvie, who I’ve seen in the BBC’s 1980 ‘Pride and Prejudice’, as Ella Zeilinksy.

There’s also Judy Cornwell, well-known as Daisy in ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ as well as doing ‘Paradise Towers’ in ‘Doctor Who’, as Heather Badcock. Sadly, her character gets killed early on here.

It’s also ironic watching Judy Cornwell in this ‘Miss Marple’ production as she would later play Miss Marple in a theatre production of ‘A Murder Is Announced’ in 2015. I’ve seen her in that production.

The story also features Glynis Barber (of ‘Blake’s 7’ fame) as Lola Brewster. There’s also Amanda Elwes (who I didn’t realise was Angela Travers in ‘Jeeves & Wooster’ apparently) as Margot Bence.

There’s also Christoper Hancock as Arthur Badcock, the husband of Heather Badcock and Margaret Courtenay as Miss Knight. There’s also Anna Niland as Cherry and Rose Keegan as Gladys in the tale.

Christopher Good (who was in ‘The Murder at the Vicarage’ apparently and Quentin in the 1990s ‘Famous Five’ series) guest stars as Rev. Christopher Hawes. There’s also Ian Brimble as Sgt. Lake. 😀

The 1992 TV adaptation of ‘The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side’ is a decent close to the ‘Miss Marple’ series with Joan Hickson. I did enjoy this very much and how everything was resolved in this.

The ‘Miss Marple’ series with Joan Hickson has been very good. Most of the adaptations are very faithful to the original books by Agatha Christie and Joan Hickson excels in the title role. I enjoyed comparing and contrasting to other TV adaptations and each adaptation features great guest actors.

I feel sad I’ve finished the complete ‘Miss Marple’ series with Joan Hickson and reviewed every story on my blog. Joan Hickson makes the character her own in this BBC series and it’s fair to say that nothing of good quality has been done like this again. If you’re a ‘Miss Marple’ fan, you’ll enjoy this series.

‘The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side’ (1992) rating – 8/10

‘Miss Marple’ (BBC TV series) rating – 9/10

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