‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ (Film)

 fantastic four rise of the silver surfer dvd


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The Coming of Galactus

This was a great movie experience for me at the cinema in 2007!

‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ is a ‘fantastic’ superhero movie! This is also a very, underrated movie, as it was sadly the last of the original ‘Fantastic Four’ movies. I found the second ‘Fantastic Four’ movie a better film compared to the first film. as I liked the story and the characters.

This movie was released in July 2007 in the UK. I remember seeing this movie twice at the cinemas. I enjoyed the action-packed plot and adventure of this movie. As well as being better than the first ‘Fantastic Four’ film, I also, sorry to say this, found it better than ‘Spider-Man 3’, also shown in 2007.

The story of ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ is based on the original Galactus trilogy featured in the Marvel comics of the ‘Fantastic Four’ in the 1960s. I had read the original Galactus trilogy in the comics, as it featured the Silver Surfer in them, before I saw this movie at the cinema.

The DVD of this film was released before Christmas in 2007. It initially had two versions including a 1-disc DVD edition and a 2-disc DVD edition. I especially wanted to have the 2-disc DVD edition and to see the special features including documentaries on how the cast and crew made this great film.

‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ is a story about Reed Richards and Sue Storm getting married. It’s also about the world coming to an end, as the Silver Surfer comes to Earth to prepare for Galactus the Destroyer to devour the planet. Can the Fantastic Four save the world from that in time?

The cast from the first ‘Fantastic Four’ movie are back in this film and I’m pleased about it! There’s Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic; Jessica Alba as Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman; Chris Evans as Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch and Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm aka the Thing.

The reason why I found this ‘Fantastic Four’ film better than the first film is that this is like a proper action adventure superhero movie. There’s no need to worry about the origins of these characters as they’re already established. They’ve accepted their responsibilities as superheroes in the world.

The second film was less childish compared to the first movie. There’s still the family atmosphere of this movie, but the story harks back to the classic 1960s comics of the ‘Fantastic Four’ as it should. I like how the four heroes work together in order to stop the Silver Surfer and to the save their world.

I also liked this film featuring the Silver Surfer and the Galactus story. The Silver Surfer is a very popular character in the Marvel comics and he originally appeared in the ‘Fantastic Four’ series before having his own spin-off. So it’s fitting he should appear in this second ‘Fantastic Four’ movie.

The Silver Surfer is the sentinel of the space-ways and he serves the power-hungry Galactus. Doug Jones plays the Silver Surfer in the film with Laurence Fishburne as the voice for the character. I’m impressed with the CGI work for the Silver Surfer and how he rides on his surfboard during the film.

Ioan Gruffudd returns as Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four. Ioan is a brilliant actor and I like how he gets to play Reed being a proper leader of the Fantastic Four and standing up to the likes of General Hager. I like how Reed combines his leadership and science skills to good use in the team.

Jessica Alba returns as Sue Storm in this movie. I enjoyed the romantic aspects of the movie between Sue and Reed, as there is less tension between them compared to the first film. I also enjoyed how Sue connects to the Silver Surfer and persuades him to help to save their world.

I liked that first wedding scene with Reed and Sue early on in the film. It seems so perfect a wedding before it gets rudely interrupted by the Silver Surfer flying past. Johnny Storm chases him, after Reed and Sue’s crashed wedding. The scene got shown in the teaser trailer for this ‘Fantastic Four’ movie.

Chris Evans returns as Johnny Storm in this movie. Johnny’s still the reckless hot head, but he does become more responsible as a superhero in this movie. Johnny makes contact with the Silver Surfer and it causes him to switch powers with the others in the team with hilarious and disastrous results.

Michael Chiklis returns as Ben Grimm the Thing in this movie. I loved seeing the Thing, especially since Ben has accepted his condition as a rock-faced monster and is enjoying his romantic relationship with Alicia. I loved the comedy moments with the Thing, especially with ‘Smoky’ the big brown bear.

Julian McMahon returns as Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom. I was surprised and pleased to see Doctor Doom return in this movie. He is the ultimate villain for the Fantastic Four and it’s great to see him make a return in this and to cause trouble, especially when the Silver Surfer comes to Earth.

I really liked the voice of the Silver Surfer provided by Laurence Fishburne. The Surfer sounds as noble as he is in the comics. I wished it was both actor and voice by Doug Jones to do the Silver Surfer. But I’m impressed with the way the Silver Surfer was visualised from the comics into the film.

Kerry Washington returns as Alicia Masters, who has now become Ben Grimm’s girlfriend. I was pleased to see more of Alicia in this movie compared to the first film. I liked how sweet Alicia and Ben shared their romance. They’re both very different with Ben being rocky and Alicia being blind.

Andre Braugher guest stars as General Hager, who sees Reed Richards and his team to help out with this Silver Surfer business. Hager doesn’t like Reed very much and he becomes an antagonist for the team. I liked how the Fantastic Four disapprove of the army’s methods to deal with the Silver Surfer.

Beau Garrett guest stars Captain Frankie Raye, who is in General Hager’s army and featured in the ‘Fantastic Four’ comics. Johnny has an eye for Frankie, but she isn’t interested. I found the tension between Johnny and Frankie interesting. He tries to sway her with his charms but she’s resisting him.

Stan Lee, the original creator of the ‘Fantastic Four’ also makes a small appearance in this movie. Unlike the previous film, Stan stars in this movie as himself. He tries to get in on the wedding of Reed and Sue. I found it hilarious when Stan is rejected and he’s turned out from Reed and Sue’s wedding.

The director, Tim Story, returns to direct this second movie in the ‘Fantastic Four’ film series. I’m pleased with Tim’s efforts in this movie as he directs the action, comedy and drama of these ‘Fantastic Four’ films so well. I’m pleased with how he directed the Silver Surfer story in this movie.

I did enjoy the comedy moments featured in this ‘Fantastic Four’ movie compared to the first one. I especially enjoyed it when Johnny kept switching powers with his sister Sue and with Ben after his contact with the Surfer. The moment when Johnny becomes the Thing instead of Ben was hilarious.

The Fantasticar makes an appearance in this ‘Fantastic Four’ film! I was so pleased to see the Fantasticar! This is the Fantastic Four’s mode of transport to get from place to place. I wish there was more of the Fantasticar, as it only appears during the film’s climax. It looks so impressive indeed!

I’m afraid I was disappointed with how Galactus turned out in this movie. Galactus is not like the Galactus I saw in the comics. He’s just a couple of gaseous clouds and not the gigantic form I was expecting. I was pleased when the Silver Surfer managed to defeat him towards the end of the film.

The DVD special features on the 2-disc DVD edition are as follows. On Disc 1, there are two commentaries for this film. There’s a commentary with director Tim Story and there’s a commentary with producer Avi Arad, co-writer Don Payne and film editors Peter S Elliot and William Hoy. There are also five deleted and extended scenes that never made it into the film. There are also three pre-viz scenes; ‘The Fanasticar: State of the Art’ featurette and ‘The Four Elements’ featurette.

On Disc 2, there’s the ‘Family Bonds: The Making of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ documentary and ‘The Sentinel of the Spaceways’ documentary with cast and crew interviews. There’s the ‘Character Design with Spectral Motion’ featurette; the ‘Scoring the Fantastic’ featurette and ‘The Power of Cosmic’ featurette. There’s also a stills gallery for this ‘Fantastic Four’ movie.

‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ was a great movie experience for me at the cinema in 2007. I loved seeing the movie and it’s my favourite out of the two featuring that ‘Fantastic Four’ cast from the first film in 2005. The Silver Surfer is impressive and the ‘Fantastic Four’ cast are brilliant in this.

I hoped that there would be a third ‘Fantastic Four’ movie in this series. Sadly this didn’t happen as they rebooted the ‘Fantastic Four’ films for 2015. I’m saddened by this as I really enjoyed these ‘Fantastic Four’ movies and hoped there would be more. I cherish these ‘Fantastic Four’ films always!

I wish there was a third ‘Fantastic Four’ film, but we can all imagine it in our hopes and dreams.

‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ – 9/10

fantastic four rise of the silver surfer novelization


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Rise For The Silver Surfer Book

I enjoyed reading this novelization of the second ‘Fantastic Four’ movie from 2007!

After enjoying reading the novelization of the first ‘Fantastic Four’ movie from 2005, I was keen to have and read the novelization of the second movie after watching it at the cinema. As I recall, I purchased the book online from Amazon, since it didn’t seem available to purchase in the UK shops.

This novelization of ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ is by an author called Daniel Josephs. I was saddened that this book wasn’t by Peter David, as I enjoy his books so much. But then, he must have been busy writing the novelization of ‘Spider-Man 3’ at the same time this movie was released.

As far as I’m aware, Daniel Josephs is a pseudonym for the author writing this novelization of ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’. I’m not aware of any other books that Daniel Josephs has written, thus I assume that this is his only superhero movie novelization to date in his writing career.

The novelization by Daniel Josephs is based on the motion picture; on the screenplay by Don Payne and on the story by Mark Frost. The book is divided into 20 chapters with a prologue at the beginning and an epilogue at the end. The chapters are pretty straight-forward and so easy to read.

The book itself is fairly decent. It’s not as detailed and engrossing as the first ‘Fantastic Four’ movie novelization by Peter David is, but Daniel Josephs is respectful to the script and sticks to the plot that was seen throughout the movie. There are also additional scenes that were cut from the final movie.

It was fun to read some new additional scenes in the book that I didn’t see in the film on the big screen at the cinemas. These were later shown as ‘deleted scenes’ in the special features of the DVD for ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’. I remember those scenes after I had read the novel first.

I read this book after re-reading the first ‘Fantastic Four’ novelization by Peter David in the summer of 2007. It was fun to read both books of the two ‘Fantastic Four’ movies back to back in a row. It was also fun comparing the writing differences by Peter David and Daniel Josephs in the two novels.

I prefer Peter David’s approach to writing a superhero novelization compared to Daniel Josephs. But that doesn’t mean to say Daniel Josephs is bad. On the contrary, Daniel Josephs writes well for the ‘Fantastic Four’ characters. It’s just Peter David’s approach is more engrossing than Daniel Joseph’s.

Daniel Josephs manages to get the main characters of Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben spot on. Reading the book, it was easy for me to enjoy how their character journeys developed and how they worked together as a team in this. It was also great reading the journeys of the supporting characters in this.

The book begins with a prologue on the Silver Surfer reaching Earth and beginning to scout around the planet for his master to devour. It also features the first scene where Victor Von Doom is revived and awakened in his metallic tomb/chamber after the Silver Surfer journeyed past where Latveria is.

One thing about Victor Von Doom’s revival is that he is being watched by two people, an American man and woman. I wondered who these two were as I was reading the story. But it never gets revealed or explained. Based on what I’ve seen, I’m guessing it was General Hager and Captain Raye.

I make that assumption as I wonder how General Hager made contact with Victor Von Doom in the first place and assume his help with the Fantastic Four during the Silver Surfer business. It’s not explained in the movie, so I assume General Hager and Captain Raye saw to his recovery at the start.

As I said before, there were scenes from the movie cut from the final film. This included the wedding montage where Johnny and Ben were doing Reed’s wedding jobs such as buying the cake and buying the ring with comedic results. I enjoyed reading them in the book as well as seeing them in the film.

There were also scenes not included in the DVD extras. This includes Sue’s scene where she’s buying the wedding dress with Alicia and Ben joining her. It was interesting to read that scene in the book as it was not included in the film. It demonstrates Sue’s shyness and anxiety being in the public eye.

The first wedding scene in the book is different compared to how it was shown in the film. In the book, a storm is created by the Silver Surfer to crash Reed and Sue’s wedding when he goes to destroy the sensor. This was effective and made the scene darker compared to how the movie did it.

I liked how Daniel Josephs touches upon Reed and Sue’s decision to leave the Fantastic Four and break up the time and how Johnny and Ben react to it. This heightens on the dysfunctionality of the Fantastic Four team as there’s tension and bitterness between them over Reed and Sue’s decision.

It was interesting comparing the differences between Sue and Johnny’s reactions to the public eye. Johnny is keen on being in the spotlight compared to Sue. When Sue is upset about bad publicity being shown about her on TV, Johnny tells her to ignore it but she finds it a struggle to do so in this.

I liked how Ben and Alicia’s relationship is touched upon in the book. Alicia wants to move in with Ben at the Baxter Building, which was never seen in the film. Ben is uncomfortable about initially as he’s not ready to make that commitment. This gets resolved between Ben and Alicia in the epilogue.

There was something I mentioned in my review on the book for the first ‘Fantastic Four’ movie that I need to address here. In the book for the first movie, there was a girlfriend of Johnny’s called Frankie. In this book for the second movie, there’s the character of Captain Frankie Raye whom Johnny meets.

As I stated in my review on the book for the first movie, I assume that the Frankie in that was a different Frankie compared to the one seen in the book for the second movie. Since Daniel Josephs wrote the novel for the second movie and not Peter David, it makes the continuing story less fluidic.

I like how the relationship between Johnny and Frankie is developed in the book compared to seeing it in the film. Frankie is seen to show more growing attachment to Johnny in the book, despite resisting his charms. There’s even a moment when Frankie smiles after knocking him onto the floor.

The Silver Surfer is well-developed in the book. Initially he’s seen as a dangerous force for the Fantastic Four to deal with. I found it interesting how Daniel Josephs unravels that mystery to the Silver Surfer before he’s seen to be a victim of his master’s bidding and sees what harm he’s caused.

In the book, the Silver Surfer’s master isn’t called Galactus. His name is pronounced ‘Gah Lak Tus’. This rather annoyed me as I was reading the book. I prefer calling him ‘Galactus’ rather than ‘Gah Lak Tus’, since it didn’t seem to match what was in the comics and ‘Galactus’ is a more impressive name.

Victor Von Doom’s journey as a villain is interesting to read in the book compared to the film. I like how his lust for power and vengeance on everything he’s lost because of the Fantastic Four is touched upon. It keeps with the continuity after having read the two ‘Fantastic Four’ books in a row.

I found the death scene of General Hager by Victor Von Doom far terrifying and graphic compared to how it was seen in the film. Daniel Josephs goes to great lengths in describing how Victor kills General Hager after he acquires the Silver Surfer’s surfboard. In the film, it was quick and an instant.

I enjoyed reading Reed and Sue’s romance in the story in the novel. Reed shows his love for Sue, especially when she’s on the point of death during the climax of the story. Sue’s love for Reed is also touched upon, especially when it gets compared to her connection with Johnny and the Silver Surfer.

There were scenes that I missed seeing from the film in the book. This included comedic moments like Ben crashing into Reed after being crashed into by a block of metal when Victor escapes with the Surfer’s board. The confrontation between Sue and Victor from the film is also missing in the book.

The climax of the movie was slightly different in the book compared to how it was seen in the movie. In the book, the Silver simply flies away out of Earth’s atmosphere on his surfboard in order to draw the Destroyer away. I found the Silver Surfer’s self-sacrifice inside the Destroyer better in the movie.

The book closes with an epilogue featuring the wedding scene between Reed and Sue. I enjoyed reading that wedding scene, although Frankie’s not in attendance as she was in the movie. The Silver Surfer’s apparent survival in the post-credits sequence is also missing in the movie novelization.

I would like to hear this novelization of ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ by Daniel Josephs as an audiobook someday. I don’t know who would be the reader, but it would be nice to have either Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans or Michael Chiklis to read this ‘fantastic’ movie novelization.

I enjoyed the novelization of ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ by Daniel Josephs. It’s not as good as the first movie novelization by Peter David, but I did enjoy reading the movie in book form. I found it very interesting how the story of the ‘Fantastic Four’ movies continued in prose by another author.

‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ (Novelization) rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ (Film)

  1. Timelord 007

    Enjoyed this sequel too mate it’s a pity it’s not on longer as it could’ve done with a extra 20 minutes & given a bigger climatic action scene as both movies lack that epic face off with Doctor Doom.

    Less said about the 2015 movie the better i still have nightmares about it, I’m sure i had a rant about this on my G+ page.

    That low budget 1990’s version full movie is still on you tube, I’d love to read your comments on that movie lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks Simon. Glad you enjoyed the sequel of ‘Fantastic Four’ like me. The Silver Surfer is amazing, isn’t he? Yes it would have been nice to have had it an extra 20 minutes longer as I enjoy this version of the Fantastic Four anyway. I think the battle scene with Doctor Doom in this movie is much better compared to the first one, as Doom was great to see riding on the SIlver Surfer’s glider.

    I’ll have to check out your thoughts on the 2015 remake on G+. One wonders why they even wanted to remake the Fantastic Four. I prefered it with Ioan Gruffudd, Jesscia Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis! Best version as far as I’m concerned.

    Many thanks for your comments, Simon. Glad you enjoyed my review on this movie. Tim. 🙂



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