‘Fawlty Towers’ – Who’s Who


Here’s a list of who’s who in the ‘Fawlty Towers’ TV series.

The staff of ‘Fawlty Towers’


JOHN CLEESE as Basil Fawlty

Basil is this angry, loud and rude hotel manager of Fawlty Towers. He’s only thinks of himself and doesn’t like hotel guests. He’s opinionated and his only interest is to maintain the hotel’s standards.


Sybil is Basil’s wife and his ‘little nest of vipers’. She’s a pleasant person on the outside and tells Basil off when he’s rude. She has this funny laugh described and says “Oh I know!” a lot on the phone.


Manuel is the Spanish waiter at Fawlty Towers. He’s my favourite character from the series. Manuel doesn’t speak much English. He says ‘Que?’ a lot and tries to get it right but isn’t properly trained.


Polly is the waitress at Fawlty Towers. She’s the sensible one. She’s a pretty blonde girl who usually gets Basil out of trouble. Polly’s an art student and is probably working to cover her time studying.

There’s also Brian Hall as Terry the chef. Terry appears as a regular in Series 2. He’s a cockney chef who can be quite lazy. But he’s always on hand and can be resourceful, especially when Basil does a stupid thing in his kitchen.

The residing members of Fawlty Towers are Ballard Berkeley as the Major, who is in his own world; and the two old sweet ladies Gilly Flower as Miss Tibbs and Renee Roberts as Miss Gatsby.

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