‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 1, Episode 5 (TV)

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keeping up appearances s1e5

The fifth episode of Series 1 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ has Hyacinth taking part with arranging a meeting of the Ladies’ Circle with a guest speaker at the local church. At the same, Daisy attempts to make Onslow see her with a seventeen-year-old motorcyclist as her ‘toyboy’. Will this work though?

I’m not claiming this episode to be one of my favourites. But it was entertaining and it’s probably the first time we see Daisy attempting to make Onslow be romantic towards her. This becomes a running gag throughout the series with Onslow and Daisy, since Onslow is bone-idle as well as a slob.

I found it funny when Daisy and Rose try to send Onslow to meet Richard at the church, and Hyacinth sees him there and is horrified. Richard tells Hyacinth to be tactful, but all she says to him is “Onslow, go away!” This clearly shows how Hyacinth is embarrassed by her family’s lower standards.

It was brilliantly funny when Onslow is sent around the back of the church and he inadvertently takes part in a small church service by singing in the choir. Seeing Onslow singing from a hymn book was fun to watch and eventually Richard turns up to join him and find out why he came to meet him.

The episode ends with Daisy and her motorcyclist ‘toyboy’ turning up and making Onslow see them together in front of everybody else. But of course, Onslow doesn’t seem to be jealous by it. When Richard asks Onslow about Daisy at a pub, it’s funny when Onslow thinks that Daisy likes motorbikes.

‘Series 1, Episode 5’ rating – 7/10

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