Laurel & Hardy

Laurel & Hardy

Welcome to the ‘Laurel & Hardy’ page on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

I will be posting DVD reviews on the films starring my favourite comedy duo Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. This will includes reviews on the silent shorts; the talkie shorts and the full-length movies they appeared in during the 1920s; 30s and 40s.

Here is a list of my DVD reviews in relation to ‘Laurel & Hardy’. Click on the links below to see and read my reviews.

Enjoy! 🙂

‘Laurel & Hardy’ DVD collection

  1. ‘A Chump At Oxford’ and Related Shorts
  2. Someone’s Ailing – Classic Shorts
  3. ‘Way Out West’ plus shorts featuring James Finlayson 
  4. Ollie And Matrimony – Classic Shorts
  5. ‘Our Relations’ and ‘Dual Roles’ Shorts
  6. Murder In The Air – Classic Shorts
  7. ‘Blockheads’ and Related Shorts
  8. Blackmail – Classic Shorts
  9. ‘The Bohemian Girl’ and Related Shorts
  10. Snow! – Classic Shorts
  11. ‘Saps At Sea’ and Music Shorts
  12. Laurel & Hardy And The Law – Classic Shorts 
  13. ‘Sons Of The Desert’ and Related Shorts
  14. A Job To Do – Classic Shorts 
  15. ‘Pack Up Your Troubles’ and related ‘Adopt a Child’ Shorts 
  16. Maritime Adventures – Classic Shorts 
  17. ‘Swiss Miss’ and Animal Shorts
  18. Married Life and Anita Garvin
  19. ‘Pardon Us’ and Related Shorts 
  20. More Brushes With The Law – Classic Shorts

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