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Beethoven Falls In Love

I enjoyed ‘Beethoven’s 2nd’! I have fond memories of this 1993 film. I even remember watching this when my parents and I had the VHS before I finished primary school and I left for secondary school.

In this movie, Beethoven comes across a lady St. Bernard named Missy who he falls in love with. But their immediate entanglement gets interrupted when the evil Regina, Missy’s bad owner, takes her.

This doesn’t end the dog romance though as Missy escapes with Beethoven; spends ten weeks with him and they eventually have puppies. Will the Newton kids help Beethoven save his four puppies?

This is a charming sequel to the first film. It was so amusing to see Beethoven fall in love with lady dog who they’ve just met. I assume that happens with dogs falling in love just like ‘101 Dalmatians’.

beethoven's 2nd2

It was also fun to see Beethoven and Missy having four puppies in the movie. Ryce, Ted and Emily discover Beethoven’s puppies and they help to look after them in their house without Dad knowing.

But of course, the Newton kids’ secret lives with the puppies doesn’t last long and George Newton finds out. I like how the kids are responsible looking after puppies in this film compared to last time.

They stand up to their Dad and tell they’ll look after them until the time comes for them to leave and given them new homes. George reluctantly agrees to this, even though the puppies cause mayhem.

The four puppies eventually get names. They get named Dolly, Tchaikovsky, Chubby and Moe. But even when the Newton family take the dogs on a holiday, bad Regina isn’t far away to cause trouble.

Charles Grodin returns as George Newton. In this film, George seems to have mellowed with having Beethoven as their dog. But he gets to re-experience the mayhem when these four puppies grow up.

Bonnie Hunt also returns as Alice Newton, George’s wife. Like in the first film, Alice is sympathetic, understanding and supportive to George, even as she sides with the kids looking after the puppies.

Nicholle Tom returns as Ryce, the eldest daughter of the Newtons. I like Ryce seems grown-up and takes an interest in boys like Taylor and Seth. Ryce gets to experience what true love is really about.

Christopher Castile returns as Ted, the only son of the Newton family. Ted seems more confident in this film compared to last time and is funnier. I also like how he takes an interest in a girl in this film.

beethoven's 2nd4

Sarah Rose Karr returns as Emily, the youngest daughter of the Newtons. Emily seems smarter in this film compared to last time. She still loves Beethoven and puppies and takes part to look after them.

Debi Mazar stars as Regina, the evil lady who wants to use Missy as a bargaining chip in an ugly divorce. She’s instantly loathsome as you want her to be and she is so like a Cruella de Vil character.

There’s also Chris Penn as Floyd, Regina’s boyfriend. I’m guessing Floyd’s meant to be a tough guy boyfriend for Regina in the movie, yet he comes across as dim-witted when helping to mistreat dogs.

The cast also features Ashley Hamilton as Taylor and Danny Masterson as Seth. These two are potential candidates to win Ryce’s heart. Who will Ryce go for here? Is it going to be Taylor or Seth?

beethoven's 2nd5

I must say I enjoyed the funfair sequences in this film with the Newton family. George and Beethoven get to take part in a ‘burger binge competition’. I’m not sure I can go for that contest! 😀

Again, Randy Edelman composes the music for this film as he did for the previous film. There’s the familiar music and a new song, ‘The Day I Fall in Love’, performed by James Ingram and Dolly Parton.

beethoven's 2nd poster

‘Beethoven’s 2nd’ has to be my favourite out of the ‘Beethoven’ movies I’ve seen. It’s also the last film with the Newton family and I’m glad this movie featured a charming, engaging story for the dog.

The DVD special features are as follows. There are production notes, cast and crew biographies and a theatrical trailer for ‘Beethoven’s 2nd’.

‘Beethoven’s 2nd’ rating – 9/10

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