‘Patrick’ (Film)


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Sarah Francis and her Pug

 For my Dad on his birthday

In case you’re interested, Peter Davison plays a small role in this film! 😀

It’s amazing how this film turned out for me and my parents. The first time we saw this film was at the cinema back in June 2018. We liked it so much that we saw it a second time at the cinema. Then we had the film on DVD in November 2018 and saw it a third time. Now we’ve seen it a fourth time!

I didn’t expect to like ‘Patrick’ as a film when my parents and I saw it at the cinema. This is in spite of the reviews the film had been getting and how it was advertised in trailers and such. It came as a surprise how much we enjoyed this film at the cinema. My cuddly toy dog Cuddles liked the film too!

Cuddles: “YAY!!!!!”

(to Cuddles) “Alright Cuddles, alright! Pipe down now!”

Cuddles: “Wuff!”

‘Patrick’ is a film about Beattie Edmondson as Sarah Francis, a young woman who has her life changed around when her dearly departed grandmother bequeaths her a spoilt Pug dog named Patrick. Sarah isn’t happy about this. The last thing she wants is to own a dog that causes mayhem.

Now you may wonder why I went to see the film like this about a little Pug dog at the cinema. Well, it might have something to do with the fact that Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ was in it. In fact, it was the very reason why. This was the very first time I saw Peter on the big screen. 😀

It was very surreal to watch this film, knowing that I had met one of the actors who appeared in it in real life at conventions. I know it was a small part Peter Davison played, but it was true delight for me to watch on the big screen. There were other actors I recognised here, but we’ll get to that later.

This film surpassed my expectations when I saw it back in June 2018. I had expected ‘Patrick’ to be one of those bad doggie films that gets produced every year. I expected it to be similar to ‘Pudsey The Dog: The Movie’ which was often over-the-top, even though I did enjoy that movie in May 2018.

My Dad thought that ‘Patrick’ might be a bad film when he saw the movie trailer for it before it was released on the internet. I didn’t watch the movie trailer before seeing the film at the cinema. I tried to avoid seeing movie trailers if I can to avoid spoiling my preconceptions on what a film will be like.

As it turned out though, it was a pretty straightforward, heartfelt and often funny comedic film. It’s not over-the-top or anything and the writing felt very true to life in some regards. I wasn’t sure what direction of the film was going to go to be, but the more I watched it the more I found it compelling.

I did read somewhere recently that one critic found the film to be unfunny. Now I’m against this argument! Yeah, the film’s not laugh-out-loud funny every time, but I did like the character drama featured throughout. In fact, the film can easily be considered a comedy-drama than a comedy here.

‘Patrick’ can easily be overlooked and underrated which is a shame. Nowadays, cinema-goers prefer more big scale and epic movies rather than gentler comedic-drama type films such as ‘Patrick’ would be. It’s remarkable how other audience opinions differ to my parents and mine on films like ‘Patrick’.

There are some good messages to be featured in a film about a Pug dog and a dysfunctional owner who grows to love having him. There’s plenty of heart to be found in this film as well. Sometimes the comedy and the drama shone throughout because of those identified aspects and make it appealing.

I enjoyed Beattie Edmondson as Sarah Francis in the movie. This was the first time I’d seen her in anything and she won me over in her performance about a struggling young woman who is trying to make a life for herself as a school teacher. She does come across as a very dysfunctional person first.

When she has Patrick, she struggles to have the responsibility of looking after him and taking him for walks which she doesn’t know how to do. Eventually she learns how to take responsibility for him and finds how good it is to have Patrick around as well as bad. It’s a nice moral story on Sarah’s part.

The film also stars Ed Skrein as Oliver, a handsome vet who becomes one of Sarah Francis’ potential love interests in the movie. Now this was the first time I’d seen Ed Skrien in anything film-related back in 2018. But more recently…I don’t know. There’s something quite familiar about the guy here.

Deadpool enters and points a gun at Tim’s computer screen.

(surprised; to Deadpool) “Err…Deadpool? What are you doing with that gun? And why are you pointing it at Ed Skrein?”

Deadpool: “It’s him! He’s not dead! He’s still alive!”

(gradually; realises) “Oh of course! Ed Skrein was the villain in the first ‘Deadpool’ movie, wasn’t he? He played Francis Freeman, also known as Ajax!”

Deadpool: “Francis is about to become Francis Bacon!”

Deadpool re-loads his gun.

(to Deadpool) “Deadpool; put the gun away! Ed Skrein’s not playing that same character here!”

Deadpool: “IT’S FRANCIS!!!”



(to Deadpool) “Look, Deadpool! If you don’t behave, I won’t be including you in my full-length reviews of the two ‘Deadpool’ movies you’ve made so far.”

Deadpool: “A ‘Deadpool’ review without me is like a ‘Wolverine’ film without Hugh Jackman!”

(to Deadpool) “Look, just go away will you?!”

Deadpool: (at TV screen) “I’ll be seeing you, Francis!!!”

(in Kermit the Frog manner) “Will you get out here!!!”

Deadpool leaves.

(sighs; to audience) “Anyway, where was I?” (realises) “Ah yes!”

At first, it seems like Ed Skrein as Oliver the vet might be a potential guy for Sarah to fall for, as he’s quite charming and easy on the eye for her at first. But then he starts mucking up on their dinner date together by arriving late because…he was watching ‘Game of Thrones’ and he lost track of time? Honestly, I’m so surprised they didn’t add a ‘Deadpool’ in-joke with Ed Skrein’s character here.

Deadpool: (off-screen) “Be seeing you real soon, Francis!!!”

Tim ignores Deadpool and continues.

The film also features Tom Bennett as Ben, another potential love interest for Sarah Francis. Now Ben is more ideal as love interest than Oliver is. Sarah and Ben meet each other in the park when walking in the park. I love how they meet with their dogs tangling them together with their leads. 😀

It’s almost ‘101 Dalmatians’, isn’t it? Ben has more sympathy for Sarah’s predicament in learning how to look after her new dog Patrick (not that Oliver wasn’t a bad egg on that front either). But Ben also has more attention for Sarah compared to Oliver. Who will Sarah go for as a lover in this movie?

There’s Emily Atack as Becky, one of Sarah Francis’ schoolteacher friends in the film. I’ve seen Emily Atack in the ‘Dad’s Army’ 2016 film and she’s done a few Big Finish audios in ‘The Churchill Years’ spin-off series. I like how Sarah and Becky hit well together in the film when they first met at school.

Becky encourages Sarah to take part in the ‘fun run’ event that happens at their school every year. Sarah is reluctant to do it at first but she’s eventually roped in by Becky. I like how eager Becky is about Sarah doing the ‘fun run’ and it’s funny Sarah struggles in the running part when watching her.

Jennifer Saunders also stars in this movie as Maureen, who works at Sarah’s school. I realised after watching the film at the cinema that Jennifer Saunders is the mother of Beattie Edmondson who plays Sarah Francis. That was so ironic to discover and know mother and daughter are in this movie!

And yes, yes! Jennifer Saunders worked with Dawn French years ago. She also voiced the Fairy Godmother in ‘Shrek 2’. In fact, she even dresses up as a fairy godmother in the film when she thinks its fancy dress. That’s weird. And she always carries her plastic container of food treats! That’s also wired!

There’s also Adrian Scarborough as Mr. Peters, the deputy head teacher of Sarah’s school. I’ve seen and heard in Adrian before in ‘Doctor Who’. He did ‘The Boy That Time Forgot’ with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton and he did ‘A Town Called Mercy’ with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

I like how Mr. Peters is developed as a character in the film. He comes across as cold and uncompromising when Sarah meets him. He takes a dim view on Sarah’s approach to school teaching at first. But gradually, he’s seen to have a soft side when Sarah gets to know her in the film.

Like I said, there were some familiar faces I recognised in the movie that I enjoyed seeing. As well as Peter Davison, there’s also Cherie Lunghi. Peter Davison and Cherie Lunghi played Alan and Rosemary, Sarah Francis’ parents. For the small roles they played, they were very good in this movie.

Peter Davison and Cherie Lunghi appear early on in the funeral scenes for Sarah’s late grandmother. They also reappear in the second half for Alan’s birthday. I was glad they returned half-way in the film. By the way, Peter and Cherie worked together in the ‘Doctor Who’ audio ‘The Emerald Tiger’. 🙂

The film also features Bernard Cribbins as Albert, an old man whom Sarah meets when returning his dog to his flat. I found Bernard really good in this and I’ve met him in real-life too. 😀 Bernard Cribbins played Wilfred Mott in ‘Doctor Who’ as well as starred in ‘Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.’.

There’s also Meera Syal as the school’s head teacher Phillips. I’ve seen Meera Syal before in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘The Hungry Earth’/’Cold Blood’. She doesn’t have much of an appearance in the movie compared to Adrian Scarborough. She didn’t like it when Becky tried to take her megaphone from her!

Gemma Jones appears in this movie as Celia, a fellow neighbour of Sarah at the apartment of flats they live in. I found Gemma Jones to be so different-looking compared to how I’ve seen her in ‘The Duchess of Duke Street’ TV series and the 1995 film ‘Sense and Sensibility’. But she was very good in this. 😀

There’s also Emilia Jones as Vikki, one of Sarah’s pupils at school studying English and Milanka Brooks as Suzanne, Vikki’s mum. I like how the story progressed for Vikki’s character who turns out to be having problems with her mother and father. Vikki’s father turns out to be Ben of all people! 😮 There’s also Roy Hudd as Eric the caretaker in this movie. Patrick ate his Snickers bar when Sarah asked Eric to look after him. 😀

Of course, the film’s main star is Patrick the Pug. I don’t know how you can make a Pug dog cute-looking in a film, but obviously the people who made this film did here. Yes, he did get on Sarah’s nerves and he misbehaved at times especially when he ate things and made a mess in Sarah’s flat.

But towards the end of the film, you want to feel for him. This is especially when he goes missing and returns to Sarah who took on that big charity race. Incidentally, Patrick is a typical dog who goes mad when he sees something that looks like a cat. Even a gloved mitten like a cat triggers Patrick! 😀

I’m glad my Dad purchased the ‘Patrick’ DVD from HMV when it was released in November 2018 in time for his birthday. It’s a shame there aren’t any DVD special features to tell the behind-the-scenes story on the making of ‘Patrick’ the film. But I’m glad they released the film on DVD as well as on digital.

‘Patrick’ is definitely a film I enjoyed seeing at the cinema as well as on DVD. I didn’t expect to like this film very much, but it was well-worth it in the end. In my opinion, it has a combination of good writing; good humour and a superb cast of actors featured through and worked out very well for me.

I’m pleased I recommended this film to my parents when we went to see it at the cinema and that we enjoyed it. It is more comedy-drama than actual laugh-out-loud comedy. It’s gentler film than what you’d expect. But somehow I prefer that and I’m happy it worked on all quarters for me as film.

‘Patrick’ rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Patrick’ (Film)

  1. Timelord 007

    Lol, Deadpool really doesn’t like Ed Skrein does he, better not mention he’s the lead in Midway a WW2 movie out today in cinemas then Ssssshhhhhh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Yeah I picked up on that detail about Deadpool not liking Ed Skrein much. I wonder why. 😀

      I saw a poster of that movie with Ed Skrein; Luke Evans, Dennis Quaid and Woody Harrelson. It looks interesting.

      No I better not mention that to Deadpool next time I see him. He might go crazy. 😀

      Thanks Timelord.

      Tim. 🙂



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