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Postman Pat with Robots of Death and a Dalek

♪ Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat ♫

I enjoyed ‘Postman Pat: The Movie’ at the cinema in May 2014! Yeah I know, I sound like a big kid and I know this isn’t a great ‘Postman Pat’ movie. But I immensely enjoyed it when I saw it on the big screen. I hadn’t seen Postman Pat in years and this was a very nice diversion for me and my parents.

My parents and I happened to see this film on a whim at the cinema. We enjoyed the story as well as the cast featured in it that includes the likes of Stephen Mangan and David Tennant. I was delighted they were in it. This film brought out the ‘Doctor Who’ fan in me. And that’s not just David Tennant! 😀

I’ve fond memories of watching the ‘Postman Pat’ TV series on VHS when I was a kid in the 1990s. ‘Postman Pat’ is still going strong today, but it’s more computer-animated than plasticine animation. I was very amazed that Postman Pat got his own movie in 2014 and wondered what it would be like.

‘Postman Pat: The Movie’ is about Pat who lives his happy married life with Sara and his son Julian. He delivers mail to the village folk of Greendale and all is well. But things soon start to change at the mail sorting office, especially when the villainous Mr. Carbunkle takes over with his new technology.

When a famous talent show called ‘You’re The One’ comes to Greendale, Pat enters the competition in order to win a holiday to Italy for his wife. Impressing the judges with his amazingly good singing voice, Pat is swept into the celebrity mania. Can Pat overcome the temptations of being a celebrity?

I was pleased to see that the film had a nostalgic kick to it as well as a contemporary atmosphere. There are also sci-fi elements featured in the film which I didn’t expect. 😀 The film has a balance of an entertaining tale with moments of humour that work well for both kids and grown-ups watching.

I enjoyed how the film brought in the celebrity element for Postman Pat. The singing competition show ‘You’re The One’ clearly echoes ‘The X-Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ shows around at the time. I also like how the issue of the Royal Mail sorting office affected by technology gets addressed.

Like I said, I greatly enjoyed the voice cast in this movie. Stephen Mangan stars as Postman Pat. I’ve seen Stephen Mangan as ‘Dirk Gently’ in the short-lived BBC4 TV series. I was amazed and delighted he voiced Pat here. I liked Stephen’s performance as Pat. He delivered many layers to the character.

I also enjoyed Jess the cat in this movie. I don’t remember Jess being very active in the original TV series compared to the movie, but he’s so funny and cute every time I see him. Jess is Pat’s little helper and friend. He brings out the comic relief in any scene he’s in and is so loyal to Postman Pat. 🙂

I was very pleased to see Postman Pat drive his red ‘PAT 1’ van in the movie. I remember that red post van very well from the TV series. Even with the Patbots driving the red van, it was satisfying to see it in the film. It was also a delight to hear the original ‘Postman Pat’ TV theme song in the movie.

It was equally nice to see characters from the ‘Postman Pat’ TV series making an appearance in the movie. This includes Sara, Pat’s wife (voiced by Susan Duerden) and Julian, Pat’s son (voiced by Sandra Teles). There are also characters like Ted, Al, PC Selby and Reverend Timms from the series. 🙂

It’s a shame that the voices for those characters are different in the movie compared to how I remember them in the TV series. It’s also a shame that not many of the original ‘Postman Pat’ characters from the TV series got enough screen time in the movie. But it was still good to see them.

The biggest voice star for me in this movie is David Tennant as Wilf. David played the Tenth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’. I was so thrilled to hear him in this film and Wilf does look like David Tennant. Wilf is a singing manager, obsessed for his younger singer Josh to win the ‘You’re The One’ competition here.

There’s also Jim Broadbent as Mr. Brown, the CEO of the SDS Post Service. I’ve seen him in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ movie. It’s quite amusing when Mr. Brown, who’s so mild-mannered, does not realise that Carbunkle the new boss is doing nasty things.

And there’s Rupert Grint as Josh, Postman Pat’s singing rival. Rupert Grint is well-known for playing Ron Weasley in the ‘Harry Potter’ films. Josh just seems so laid-back, not really that bothered about winning the competition whereas David Tennant’s Wilf. He would rather play games on his phone. 😀

Ronan Keating does the singing voice for Postman Pat in the movie. So it’s not Stephen Mangan who sings as Postman Pat in the film! I couldn’t help but be disappointed. This is like the Disney movies where one actor does the voice for one character but there is another actor doing the singing voice.

Simon Cowbell (an obvious interpretation of Simon Cowell 😀 ) appears in the movie, voiced by Robin Atkin Downes. It was so amusing to see and hear a pretty obvious interpretation of Simon Cowell hosting the ‘You’re The One!’ show in the movie. He does sound pretty authentic as Simon Cowell. 🙂

The film’s villain is of course Mr. Edwin Carbunkle (voiced by Peter Woodward). Carbunkle is the new executive at SDS Post Service and he tries to replace the human workers with machines and robots. Carbunkle does seem to be two-dimensional, but the performance by Peter Woodward is enjoyable.

I did find the ‘Postman Pat’ movie going into the realms of sci-fi fantasy, especially as ‘the robots of death’ came. No, not the ‘Doctor Who’ ones! I’m talking about the Postman Patbots that Carbunkle creates to take over the post office. I like the Patbots. They’re emotionless and so amusing to watch!

The Patbots did remind me and my Dad of the Cybermen from ‘Doctor Who’. 😀 I don’t know why that was but it was pretty exciting to watch in the movie. The way that the Patbots smiled to make them seem friendly is pretty creepy and terrifying. They also drive crazily on their rounds in their vans.

There’s also the Jessbot to replace Jess the cat in the movie. I found the Jessbot to be pretty terrifying. 😀 Even for a kid’s movie, I wouldn’t want to get in the Jessbot’s way. The Jessbot can fire laser bolts from its eyes when it fires upon Pat and Jess once they run away on the rooftops at night.

A Dalek makes an appearance in the movie! A Dalek! As well as the ‘Lost In Space’ robot! I didn’t expect that. I laughed myself silly. During test demonstrations of robot postmen by Carbunkle to Mr. Brown, Carbunkle’s mother gets terrified by the ‘Lost In Space’ robot and the Dalek. That’s funny! 😀

The DVD special features are as follows. There’s a short ‘making-of’ featurette which features behind-the-scenes cast and crew interviews with Stephen Mangan, David Tennant, Rupert Grint, Ronan Keating; etc. It’s a short ‘making-of’ but nice to see. There’s also a photo gallery for the movie.

I greatly enjoyed ‘Postman Pat: The Movie’ at the cinema and I enjoy it more on DVD. It was a nice diversion and good to hear Stephen Mangan and David Tennant’s voices in it. It’s silly and ridiculous as a film, but this ‘Postman Pat’ movie put me in a good mood. I hope you’ll find it entertaining too. 🙂

‘Postman Pat: The Movie’ rating – 8/10

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