‘Father’s Day’ (TV)



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This episode is not to be confused with the ‘Doctor Who’ episode also called ‘Father’s Day’. 😀 In this ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’ episode, Cecil Parkin is determined to have it out with Jack that he is actually Gloria’s father and that he and May had an affair once. May gets upset when Parkin tells her about it.

Parkin asks May to leave Jack for him. Meanwhile, Jack is hell-bent on killing Parkin following the events of the previous episode. Ethel tries to dissuade Jack from his murderous intentions, but Jack doesn’t listen. It is amusing when Jack ignores people like Ethel and May are persuading him out of it.

Later on in the refreshment room, May admits to Ethel that she and Cecil had more in their fling together and that they could’ve had a kid together. I found it hilarious when Ethel kept falling off her stool and it broke up, getting her annoyed. She tries to sit at the bar with a chair and this doesn’t work.

It was interesting when Ethel and Percy are together, trying to listen at the door with Jack inside the booking office, making a secret phone call to someone, although Jack prevents them hearing. Percy offers Ethel the idea of them spending a life together, but she’s outraged and doesn’t seem very keen.

Eventually it turns out that Gloria can’t be Cecil Parkin’s daughter. Parkin meets Gloria with her friend Amy on the train back to Hatley and discovers that she’s of a different blood group to him. The idea that Gloria is Parkin’s daughter has been running through this series. I am glad this has been resolved.

Another funny aspect to this episode is when Wilfred plays on his electric guitar and tries to perform ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ on it. Harry gets annoyed by Wilfred’s awful guitar-playing as well as the song. Eventually, Harry re-enacts ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ in the rain itself to Wilfred’s singing and guitar-playing.

‘Father’s Day’ rating – 7/10

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