Peter Pan

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Welcome to the ‘Peter Pan’ page on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

This is the home of my DVD reviews on film adaptations of the classic children’s story ‘Peter Pan’ by J.M. Barrie. These will include reviews on the Disney films and the live-action movies related to ‘Peter Pan’.

Please feel free to visit, read and comment on my ‘Peter Pan’ reviews and find out why I like these movies so much!

Here is a list of my DVD reviews in relation to ‘Peter Pan’. Click on the links below to see and read my reviews.

Enjoy! 🙂


  • ‘Peter Pan’ (Book)

Disney Films

Live-action Films

‘Peter Pan & the Pirates’ (TV Show)

  • ‘The Coldest Cut of All’ (TV)
  • ‘The Ruby’ (TV)
  • ‘Tootles and the Dragon’ (TV)
  • ‘The Rake’ (TV)
  • ‘The Dream’ (TV)
  • ‘Eternal Youth’ (TV)
  • ‘Now Day Party’ (TV)
  • ‘Hook’s Christmas’ (TV)
  • ‘The Phantom Shaman’ (TV)
  • ‘Slightly Duped’ (TV)
  • ‘Treasure Hunt’ (TV)
  • ‘The Girl Who Lives in the Moon’ (TV)
  • ‘Slightly in Stone’ (TV)
  • ‘The Great Race’ (TV)
  • ‘Living Pictures’ (TV)
  • ‘Hook’s Mother’s Picture’ (TV)
  • ‘Peter in Wonderland’ (TV)
  • ‘Vanity, Thy Name is Mermaid’ (TV)
  • ‘Pirate Shadows’ (TV)
  • ‘Billy Jukes, Lost Boy’ (TV)
  • ‘Curly’s Laugh’ (TV)
  • ‘Nibs and the Mermaids’ (TV)
  • ‘A Day at the Fair’ (TV)
  • ‘Hook the Faithful Son’ (TV)
  • ‘The Croc and the Clock’ (TV)
  • ‘Jules Verne Night’ (TV)
  • ‘The Hook and the Hat’ (TV)
  • ‘The Play’s the Thing’ (TV)
  • ‘Count de Chauvin’ (TV)
  • ‘Friday the Thirteenth’ (TV)
  • ‘The Letter’ (TV)
  • ‘Mardi Gras’ (TV)
  • ‘River of Night’ (TV)
  • ‘When Games Become Deadly’ (TV)
  • ‘A Wee Problem’ (TV)
  • ‘Professor Smee’ (TV)
  • ‘Three Wishes’ (TV)
  • ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ (TV)
  • ‘Wendy and the Croc’ (TV)
  • ‘After the Laughter’ (TV)
  • ‘Stupid Smee’ (TV)
  • ‘The Plucking of Short Tom’ (TV)
  • ‘Peter on Trial’ (TV)
  • ‘The Foot Race’ (TV)
  • ‘Dr. Livingstone and Captain Hook’ (TV)
  • ‘The Neverscroll’ (TV)
  • ‘Pirate Boys, Lost Men’ (TV)
  • ‘A Hole in the Wall’ (TV)
  • ‘Demise of Hook’ (TV)
  • ‘Tootles the Bold’ (TV)
  • ‘Play Ball’ (TV)
  • ‘Immortal Pan’ (TV)
  • ‘Knights of Neverland’ (TV)
  • ‘The Pirate Who Came to Dinner’ (TV)
  • ‘Elementary, My Dear Pan’ (TV)
  • ‘Seven League Boots’ (TV)
  • ‘Evicted!’ (TV)
  • ‘The Wind and the Panther’ (TV)
  • ‘Invisible Tootles’ (TV)
  • ‘First Encounter’ (TV)
  • ‘The Never Ark’ (TV)
  • ‘Frau Brumhandel’ (TV)
  • ‘The Lost Memories of Pirate Pan’ (TV)
  • ‘Ages of Pan’ (TV)

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