Power Rangers

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to the ‘Power Rangers’ page on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

When I was a kid, I used to watch ‘Power Rangers’ on TV. I have very fond memories of watching this action-packed TV show for kids. My eras of ‘Power Rangers’ were ‘Turbo’, ‘In Space’, ‘Lost Galaxy’ and ‘Lightspeed Rescue’. The TV show has lasted for over 20 years and I’ve grown out of it since then.

On this page, my ‘Power Rangers’ reviews will be posted on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. The ‘Power Rangers’ page will include my TV/film reviews on the various incarnations of the show. This will include ‘Mighty Morphin’, ‘Zeo’, ‘Turbo’, ‘In Space’, ‘Lost Galaxy’, ‘Lightspeed Rescue’, ‘Time Force’, ‘Wild Force’, etc. I’ve no plans to review the latest 2017 ‘Power Rangers’ movie on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

Please feel free to visit, read and comment on my ‘Power Rangers’ reviews and find out why I’ve enjoyed these incarnations of the TV show.

Here is a list of my TV/film reviews in relation to ‘Power Rangers’. Click on the links below to see and read my reviews.


‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’

‘Power Rangers Zeo’

  • Season 4
    • ‘A Zeo Beginning’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘The Shooting Star’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Target Rangers’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘For Cryin’ Out Loud’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Rangers in the Outfield’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Every Dog Has His Day’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘The Puppet Blaster’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Graduation Blues’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘A Few Bad Seeds’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Instrument of Destruction’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Mean Screen’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Mr. Billy’s Wild Ride’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘There’s No Business Like Snow Business’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Inner Spirit’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Challenges’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Found and Lost’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Trust in Me’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘It Came from Angel Grove’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Bulk Fiction’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Song Sung Yellow’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Game of Honor’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘The Power of Gold’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘A Small Problem’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘A Season to Remember’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Do I Know You?’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Revelations of Gold’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘A Golden Homecoming’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Mondo’s Last Stand’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Bomber in the Summer’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Scent of a Weasel’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘The Lore of Auric’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘The Joke’s on Blue’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Where In The World is Zeo Ranger 5?’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘King for a Day’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘A Brief Mystery of Time’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘A Mystery to Me’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Another Song and Dance’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Rangers of Two Worlds’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Hawaii Zeo’ (PRZ) (TV)
    • ‘Good as Gold’ (PRZ) (TV)

‘Power Rangers Turbo’

  • ‘Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie’ (Film)
  • Season 5
    • ‘Shift Into Turbo’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Shadow Rangers’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Transmission Impossible’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Rally Ranger’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Built for Speed’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Bicycle Built for the Blues’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Whole Lie’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Glyph Hanger’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Weight and See’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Alarmed and Dangerous’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Millennium Message’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘A Drive to Win’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Cars Attacks’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Passing the Torch’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Stitch Witchery’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Wheel of Fate’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Trouble by the Slice’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Phantom Phenomenon’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Vanishing Act’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘When Time Freezes Over’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Darkest Day’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘One Last Hope’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Fall of the Phantom’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Clash of the Megazords’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Robot Ranger’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Beware the Third Wish’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Gardener of Evil’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Fire in Your Tank’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Turn of the Wretched Wrench’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Spirit of the Woods’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Song of Confusion’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Accident’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Cassie’s Best Friend’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Curve Ball’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Carlos and the Count’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Little Strong Man’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘The Rival Rangers’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Parts and Parcel’ (PRT) (TV)
    • ‘Chase Into Space’ (PRT) (TV)

‘Power Rangers In Space’

  • Season 6
    • ‘From Out of Nowhere’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Save Our Ship’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Shell Shocked’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Never Stop Searching’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Satellite Search’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘A Ranger Among Thieves’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘When Push Comes to Shove’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘The Craterite Invasion’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘The Wasp With a Heart’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘The Delta Discovery’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘The Great Evilyzer’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Grandma Matchmaker’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘The Barillian Sting’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘T.J.’s Identity Crisis’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Flashes of Darkonda’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘The Rangers’ Mega Voyage’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘True Blue to the Rescue’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Invasion of the Body Switcher’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Survival of the Silver’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Red with Envy’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘The Silver Secret’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘A Date with Danger’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Zhane’s Destiny’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Always a Chance’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘The Secret of the Locket’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Astronema Thinks Twice’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘The Rangers’ Leap of Faith’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Dark Specter’s Revenge’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Rangers Gone Psycho’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Carlos on Call’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘A Rift in the Rangers’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Five of a Kind’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Silence is Golden’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘The Enemy Within’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Andros and the Stowaway’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Mission to Secret City’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Ghosts in the Machine’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘The Impenetrable Web’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘A Line in the Sand’ (PRIS) (TV)
    • ‘Countdown to Destruction’ (PRIS) (TV)


‘Power Rangers Lost Galaxy’

  • Season 7
    • ‘Quasar Quest’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Race to the Rescue’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Rookie in Red’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Homesick’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘The Lights of Orion’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Double Duty’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘The Blue Crush’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘The Magna Defender’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘The Sunflower Search’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Silent Sleep’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Orion Rising’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Orion Returns’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Shark Attack’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Redemption Day’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Destined for Greatness’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Stolen Beauty’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘The Rescue Mission’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘The Lost Galactabeasts’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Heir to the Throne’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘An Evil Game’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Memories of Mirinoi’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Green Courage’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Blue to the Test’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Mean Wheels Mantis’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Loyax’ Last Battle’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘A Red Romance’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘The Chameliac Warrior’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘To the Tenth Power’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘The Power of Pink’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Protect the Quasar Saber’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Facing the Past’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Turn up the Volume’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Enter the Lost Galaxy’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Beware the Mutiny’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Grunchor on the Loose’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Until Sunset’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Dream Battle’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Hexuba’s Graveyard’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Raise the Titanisaur’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Escape the Lost Galaxy’ (PRLG) (TV)
    • ‘Journey’s End’ (PRLG) (TV)


‘Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue’

  • Season 8
    • ‘Operation Lightspeed’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Lightspeed Teamwork’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Trial By Fire’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Riding the Edge’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘A Matter of Trust’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Wheels of Destruction’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Cyborg Rangers’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Up to the Challenge’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Go Volcanic’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Rising from Ashes’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘From Deep in the Shadows’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Truth Discovered’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Ryan’s Destiny’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Curse of the Cobra’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Strength of the Sun’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘The Cobra Strikes’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Olympius Ascends’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘A Face from the Past’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘The Queen’s Return’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘The Omega Project’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘The Fifth Crystal’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘The Chosen Path’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Yesterday Again’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘As Time Runs Out’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘In the Freeze Zone’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘The Mighty Mega Battles’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘The Great Egg Caper’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Ocean Blue’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Trakeena’s Revenge’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘The Last Ranger’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Sorcerer of the Sands’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Olympius Unbound’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Neptune’s Daughter’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Web War’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘In the Limelight’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Wrath of the Queen’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘Rise of the Super Demons’ (PRLR) (TV)
    • ‘The Fate of Lightspeed’ (PRLR) (TV)

‘Power Rangers Time Force’

  • Season 9
    • ‘Force from the Future’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Something to Fight For’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Ransik Lives’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘A Blue Streak’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘A Parting of Ways’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Short-Circuited’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Jen’s Revenge’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘The Time Shadow’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Future Unknown’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Uniquely Trip’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Worlds Apart’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘The Quantum Quest’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Clash for Control’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Bodyguard in Blue’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘The Legend of the Clock Tower’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Trust and Triumph’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Trip Takes a Stand’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Quantum Secrets’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘The Last Race’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Lovestruck Rangers’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Full Exposure’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Movie Madness’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Time Force Traitor’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Frax’s Fury’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Dawn of Destiny’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Fight Against Fate’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Destiny Defeated’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Undercover Rangers’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Beware the Knight’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Time for Lightspeed’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Reflections Of Evil’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Nadira’s Dream Date’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘Circuit Unsure’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘A Calm Before the Storm’ (PRTF) (TV)
    • ‘The End of Time’ (PRTF) (TV)


‘Power Rangers Wild Force’

  • Season 10
    • ‘Lionheart’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Darkness Awakening’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Click, Click, Zoom’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Never Give Up!’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Ancient Awakening’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Wishes on the Water’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘The Bear Necessities’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Soul Searching’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Soul Bird Salvation’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Curse of the Wolf’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Battle of the Zords’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Predazord, Awaken’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Revenge Of Zen-Aku’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Identity Crisis’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘The Ancient Warrior’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘The Lone Wolf’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Power Play’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Secrets And Lies’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘The Tornado Spin’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Three’s a Crowd’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘A Father’s Footsteps’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Sing Song’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘The Wings of Animaria’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Reinforcements From The Future’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘The Master’s Last Stand’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Unfinished Business’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Homecoming’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘The Flute’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Team Carnival’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Taming of the Zords’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Monitoring Earth’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘The Soul of Humanity’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Forever Red’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘The Master’s Herald’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Fishing for a Friend’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘Sealing the Nexus’ (PRWF) (TV)
    • ‘The End of the Power Rangers’ (PRWF) (TV)

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