‘A Bad Reflection On You’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This was a fun ‘Power Rangers’ episode to watch from the series. But I question some things in the detention scenes. This episode features some evil versions of ‘Power Rangers’. Okay, they’re Putties as Power Rangers, but this was the first time they did something like this before the Psycho Rangers.

In this episode, Rita sends five Putties disguised as the evil Power Rangers to Angel Grove. They start off as the five teens being evil, wearing dark sunglasses. I wish we could have seen more of these evil Rangers as the teens. They had a ‘Matrix’ look with the sunglasses and had evil eyes. Whoo! Spooky!

Anyway, the five evil teens cause trouble by putting laundry detergent in the water fountain. When Mr. Caplan the teacher gets a drink of water, he’s drenched in the white foam-like stuff. The real five teens get blamed of course and are sent to detention for the afternoon. Bulk and Skull are there too.

Wait a minute. Why are Bulk and Skull there? They had nothing to do with…oh wait! They always do bad stuff. They’re bullies, aren’t they? There were some odd comedic moments when Bulk had a Mary Poppins-like lunchbox that’s ‘bigger on the inside’. Bulk stole some Time Lord technology!!! 😀

Meanwhile, the five evil Rangers led by Scorpina (she’s in this too) attack Angel Grove City. The real Rangers see this happen on the TV. They manage to trick Bulk and Skull by not seeing them morph, as they go out to stop the evil Rangers. I was confused which Rangers were real and which weren’t.

Eventually the real Power Rangers defeat their evil twins as they revert back to their Putty forms. The Red Ranger also defeats his evil twin who turns back to Twin Man. Where he came from, I don’t know. I’m also curious how the Putties managed to mimic the other Rangers’ human voices as teens.

Thankfully the five Rangers defeat Twin Man with their combined weapons into the Power Blaster. They didn’t need to use their Zords for this occasion. The Rangers return to the detention room just in time before Bulk and Skull tell on Mr. Caplan. This was a fun episode with the evil Ranger doubles.

‘A Bad Reflection On You’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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