‘A Pig Surprise’ (MMPR) (TV)


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I would describe this as one of the daftest and silliest episodes in the ‘Power Rangers’ series so far. But then again, this is a kids’ show so who am I to argue? This episode has the Power Rangers running a Pet Adoption Day in Angel Grove. This is where the five teenagers give pets out to kids to look after.

One of the pets happens to be a pig from an old lady. The pig’s name is Norman. And the old lady happens to be a Putty in disguise as Zack discovers whilst jogging. Eventually, Bulk and Skull own the pig Norman since they want to have a pet of their own. And for a while, they do treat Norman well.

Bulk and Skull feed the pig as well as show it off to everyone else at the Angel Grove Youth Center. This gets on Ernie’s nerves when they have the pig at the juice bar and it was when he tries to give commands to the pig as if treating it like a dog. It was odd when some regarded Norman pig as cute.

But what is that evil Rita Repulsa up to? Why would she want the Rangers to give away a pig on their Pet Adoption Day? Well it turns out a device dropped in the park when Zack found it after fighting some Putties is counting down to something. Billy studies the device to find why it’s counting down.

Very soon, one the device has counted down to ‘zero’, Norman the pig transforms into Pudgy Pig. This a foe that the Rangers have met before, since Pudgy Pig first appeared in ‘Food Fight’. But it turns out it isn’t the same Pudgy Pig the Rangers fought before, as it actually happens to be Norman.

There is a fight sequence between the Rangers and Pudgy Pig before discovering that he’s Norman and that he’s actually pretty harmless. They then receive the news that Goldar is attacking Angel Grove in giant form as well as Scorpina (yes she’s in this too) and her Putties fighting on the ground.

The Rangers thankfully defeat Goldar in giant form using their Dino Megazord, although he retreats as before. Shame he didn’t have Cyclopsis from ‘Doomsday’. Pudgy is returned to normal as Norman the Pig and everybody’s safe. The episode has a ludicrous plot attached to it, but it’s so entertaining.

‘Doomsday’ (MMPR) rating – 6/10

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