‘A Star Is Born’ (MMPR) (TV)


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‘A Star Is Born’ is an episode where Tommy gets to audition for a karate commercial in Angel Grove. It seems that Bulk is also going for an audition in the karate commercial, even though he’s not good at karate and he’s clearly clueless. Bulk should have taken more tips from Jason in his karate classes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Rangers are enjoying a day at the beach. I found it amusing and slightly off-putting when Bulk decides to get a tan with Skull’s help. This is before he’s supposed to do the audition for the karate commercial. Bulk gets too much sun tan cream and mayonnaise from Skull. 😀

It’s a shame though when the Rangers’ day at the beach gets spoiled as Goldar sends in Scorpina to attack them. But the way, Goldar is taking over at the evil palace whilst Rita has a day off. Yeah. I would be pretty tired too like Rita if I was totally evil and petty-minded as her. Does Goldar do well?

Well that depends. I mean Goldar sends Scorpina to trap the Rangers in a cocoon so that they can’t escape. And more than one monster gets used to attack the Rangers, especially in giant form which requires the Rangers to summon their Zords. But thankfully, the Rangers are able to get out of those.

The Zord fights are various. First the Rangers fight the monstrous Babe Ruthless, Goldar and Scorpina in giant mode with their individual Dinozords before Tommy arrives. They eventually defeat Babe Ruthless when the Dinozords merge with the Dragonzord to be the Dragonzord’s Battle Mode.

Scorpina then summons the second monster which is a bug-like monster called Weaveworm. The Rangers combine all the five Dinozords to become the Mega Dragonzord. Honestly, I find it tricky to identify what the Megazords’ names are officially called when the Zords merge together to be one.

Anyway, the Rangers defeat Goldar and Scorpina’s monsters. And who is the winning entry into the karate commercial? Is it Bulk or Tommy? Well…it’s both actually. The commercial portrays Bulk as a bad example in karate whereas Tommy is the good example. I think it’s a very clever way to do it! 😀

‘A Star Is Born’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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