‘Big Sisters’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode sees Kimberly and Trini looking after a little girl called Maria. Kimberly and Trini have volunteered to be ‘big sisters’, which I assume is another charitable thing for the school. Maria seems to be a cheeky little girl. But with that said, she didn’t have a big impact on me.

Also in the episode, Rita Repulsa seeks to gain the legendary power eggs. It was interesting to hear the history about the power eggs from Zordon to the Rangers. There’s something about the Morphing Masters in it. But after this episode, it seems like the power eggs aren’t mentioned again.

The only way to gain access to the power eggs is through the touch of an innocent child. That child ends up being Maria. But from what I’ve seen in the episode, I don’t see Maria touching the power rangers for Rita. Instead, she’s mostly held hostage by a rope in the air, which became disappointing.

Rita also had a monster made to capture the girl called Chunky Chicken. But in the episode, Chunky Chicken isn’t the one who captures Maria from Kimberly and Trini. It ends up being some Putties. I don’t know why I didn’t see Chunky Chicken capture Maria, but I guess it’s due to the Sentai footage.

The episode also introduces the Rad Bug, a Volkswagen Beetle car built by Billy. The special thing about this vehicle is that it can fly. How can Billy build something like that?! I’m so curious! 😀 The five Rangers ride in the Rad Bug to get to the Command Centre when the teleportation isn’t working.

The episode features a fight between the Dino Megazord and Chunky Chicken at the end. The Dino Megazord gets to rescue Maria from Rita before putting her down on the ground to be driven away in the Rad Bug. The episode also features a brief comedic appearance of Bulk and Skull by the climax.

‘Big Sisters’ is okay, but it could have done with some better scenes of clarity. It would have been good to see Maria actually touch the power eggs and for Chunky Chicken to be seen actually capture her. In the end, the power eggs get thrown away into the ocean, which happened too quickly for me.

‘Big Sisters’ (MMPR) rating – 5/10

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