‘Bloom of Doom’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode sees our heroes taking part in a Club Sign-Up Day at Angel Grove High School. In the episode, Lord Zedd casts a spell on Kimberly that turns her against Trini by making her jealous. This was an interesting if unusual ‘Power Rangers’ episode in the series touching on Kimberly.

I don’t think it’s the best episode to depict Kimberly being jealous of her friend Trini. I mean, it was interesting how Kimberly became jealous considering she didn’t have any members sign up for her plant club whereas many were signing up for Trini’s volleyball club and also Zack’s hip-hop aikido club.

But the issue I have with this episode is when Kimberly gets her finger pricked by an enchanted cactus sent by Lord Zedd, not only is she jealous with Trini but she obtains this bad attitude to everyone else. Wouldn’t it have been pretty interesting for Kimberly to be so nasty to Trini and nice to everyone else?

Anyway, Zedd eventually sends down his new monster, the Bloom of Doom. When the Rangers team up to fight against this new monster, Kimberly’s feelings of jealously towards Trini intensify. The Bloom of Doom then captures Kimberly and traps her in this mysterious dimension as a result of her jealously.

By the way, Tommy gets to fight as the Green Ranger in this episode. He didn’t fight in the previous episode as he was preserving power due to his Green Rangers weakening. There’s also the subplot of Bulk and Skull on their search for the secret identity of the Power Rangers which doesn’t go anywhere.

Eventually, Trini manages to save Kimberly from the dimension she’s trapped in with the Bloom of Doom with some assistance from Zordon and Alpha. But then, Kimberly’s spell has been cast off and she becomes friends again with Trini which is reassuring. They and the Rangers soon defeat the Bloom.

This is also one of those rare occasions where the Rangers actually defeat the monster with just their Power Blaster and not with the Thunder Megazord. I’m surprised Lord Zedd didn’t make his monster grow to giant size in this episode. He also seems to blame everyone for his plans he made in the series.

Oh and get this! It turns out that Mr. Caplan had accidentally published the wrong information for the Club Sign-Up Day in the school paper. Hence why Kimberly didn’t get many people to be interested in her flower club. Ah well, at least she has her group of interested girls now. But for crying out loud! 😀

‘Bloom of Doom’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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