‘Calamity Kimberly’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode sees Kimberly having a bad day. She wakes up one morning and falls out of bed. It then starts to rain and a small earthquake occurs. The earthquake isn’t a major plot point, but a real earthquake did happen in real life for the actresses Amy Jo Johnson and Thuy Trang.

Kimberly is soaking wet when she arrives at school. Tommy comes by to greet her and sees how bad a day she’s having. Bulk and Skull come by but Tommy manages to sort them out for Kimberly. I like it when Tommy asks Kimberly to walk her home and there is a romantic connection between them.

Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa decides to add to Kimberly’s misery by sending in Finster’s new monster called Samurai Fan Man. What; is he a fan of Samurai that man? Anyway, Samurai Fan Man captures Kimberly into his giant jar as he ambushes her and Tommy when they’re walking home from school.

Tommy gets injured during the attack. Zordon summons the other Rangers whilst they attend to Tommy’s wounds. It turns out that Kimberly is trapped in another dimension whilst inside Samurai Fan Man’s jar. Zordon warns the Rangers that the dimension will soon vanish if Kimberly’s not saved.

Jason, Trini, Zack and Billy go off to morph as Rangers to fight against Samurai Fan Man, accompanied by Goldar. What I find astonishing if that the four Rangers expect Tommy to heal quickly to help them. Couldn’t they have handled the situation themselves without Tommy to help?

Eventually the Rangers fight Samurai Fan Man and Goldar in giant form by summoning their Dinozords. Tommy soon comes with his Dragonzord and the Rangers form their Zords with it to become the Dragon Megazord. They eventually save Kimberly, who morphs into Pink pretty quickly.

They then have their Zords to become the Dino Megazord before merging with the Dragonzord and Titanus to become the Ultrazord. Samurai Fan Man gets defeated and all is well, especially with Kimberly. This episode is a pretty decent one and it was so intriguing how ‘Calamity Kimberly’ coped.

‘Calamity Kimberly’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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