‘Clean-Up Club’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode is pretty entertaining. It has our heroes taking part in a project to clean up the environment. It all starts when Trini presents her video on pollution. Crikey those were VHS tapes they were using in the episode. It goes way back. How far we’ve come with DVDs and Blu-rays!

Anyway, the five Rangers form this clean-up club (hence the title) in order to clean up Angel Grove city and the environment. Now I wouldn’t mind this so much if it weren’t for the fact it’s just the five of them doing it. I know Ernie’s helping them at the Youth Center, but why not the other teenagers?

Also, when the five teens are cleaning up and recycling the park, they have to go into flips, somersaults and dances in karate mode to do it. I know it’s to make cleaning up and recycling fun, but some of the stuff is done in fast motion. Also they wear their own green ‘Clean-Up Club’ T-Shirts.

Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa sends in her new monster, Polluticron, to end the Rangers’ attempt to clean up the environment. Polluticron is like a bat-winged unicorn with a horn on his head. He causes trouble when polluting the environment, especially as the teens fight him at a power station.

Rita also sends Goldar and Scorpina into the battle. Ah so Scorpina does get to do something for a change. It’s surprising how absent she is from the series at times and has never appeared regularly or defeated easily. Eventually, Jason uses the Dragon Shield for the last time and defeats Polluticron.

Jason beats Polluticron by chopping off his horn from his head. Rita makes Polluticron grow to be a giant and the Rangers eventually fight him in their Dino Megazord. The Megazord fight does feel rushed, especially as the climax focuses on Bulk and Skull who make their own video for school class.

The video ends up being a disaster since Skull’s edited it badly and Bulk gets mad with him. ‘Clean-Up Club’ is a ‘Power Rangers’ episode that’s silly in places, but it’s very entertaining. I appreciate its message of cleaning up the environment, but did it have to go too silly with the Rangers somersaulting?

‘Clean-Up Club’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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