‘Crystal of Nightmares’ (MMPR) (TV)


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I vaguely recall seeing this ‘Power Rangers’ episode as a youngster when I used to watch kids’ programme on GMTV in the morning. It didn’t make me watch ‘Power Rangers’ regularly in that instant back then, but I do recall seeing this since it was about the Rangers facing their nightmares.

In this episode, the five teens go off to Billy’s uncle’s cabin in the mountains where they prepare to study for an imminent science test. They look forward to it. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull are given bad report cards by Mr. Caplan who tells them they’ll be in detention if they do not pass this science test.

Now in that moment, I did feel sorry Bulk and Skull. I hoped that they would surpass themselves and get round to studying for this science test. Unfortunately, they don’t. Instead they go and follow the ‘geeks’ to spy on them whilst they’re studying in the mountains, in an attempt to cheat in their test.

Bulk and Skull dress up as maids (surprise, surprise) when they go into the boys’ room to search for their notes. They eventually hide under the bed when the boys come back. Zack dances to some funky music, leading to him, Jason and Billy having a pillow fight. I guess boys did that during the 90s.

Meanwhile, Goldar unleashes his plan to reactive the Crystal of Nightmares to cause the Power Rangers to lose their confidence. It’s pretty tense and disturbing, especially as the five teens have nightmares in the night whilst they stay in the mountains, including flashbacks to previous episodes.

Billy has a nightmare from ‘Power Ranger Punks’; Trini has a nightmare from ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’; Zack has a nightmare from ‘Happy Birthday Zack’; Kimberly has a nightmare from ‘Calamity Kimberly’ and Jason has a nightmare from ‘Green With Evil’. Under the bed, Bulk and Skull experience a nightmare.

Yeah, Bulk and Skull dream about being superheroes (wearing the costumes they wore from ‘Doomsday’ no less) and getting to pilot the Dino Megazord. It seems to start off well as being a happy fantasy dream. It end up being a nightmare when Bulk and Skull send the Megazord crashing.

The next morning, the Rangers find they have lost their confidence and become scared easily. But Zordon and Alpha help the Rangers when they eventually find the Crystal of Nightmares and destroy it. They soon fight Goldar and Scorpina (she’s back again) in giant form when they use the Megazord.

‘Crystal of Nightmares’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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