‘Dark Warrior’ (MMPR) (TV)


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‘Dark Warrior’ features Trini’s Uncle Howard. But it’s not necessarily about Trini. This episode focuses on Billy, as he wants to re-enrol in Jason’s karate classes after being bullied by Bulk and Skull. Billy gets back into shape and even has help from Uncle Howard who is a scientist and knows karate.

This is an interesting combination for Uncle Howard to be a scientist and knowing karate. It also puts him in danger when Rita Repulsa wants to have Uncle Howard’s invisibility formula. So she sends a group of putties as well as her latest new monster, Dark Warrior, to kidnap Uncle Howard to gain it.

Billy tells the other Rangers that Uncle Howard has been captured after having a karate class with him. Trini then gets a ransom note in balloons from Dark Warrior to demand for the invisibility formula. What’s worse, Dark Warrior has set a time bomb on Uncle Howard that has to be defused.

The Rangers manage to fight off some Putties guarding the cave with Uncle Howard inside before going in to rescue him. Billy manages to defuse the time bomb, with the use of his scientific skills and karate instincts as guided by Uncle Howard. This somehow does work as they set Uncle Howard free.

It’s interesting that Uncle Howard forgets where he put the formula as he brought it with him into Ernie’s Juice Bar when he was reuniting with Trini and the others. It’s also very interesting that Zordon seems to know all that goes on with Uncle Howard’s invisibility formula and Rita’s evil plans.

The episode concludes with the Rangers fighting against Dark Warrior in their Dino Megazord, first in tank mode and then in battle mode. I have to say that Dark Warrior sounds pretty intimidating as a monster compared to previous ones. It would’ve been nice if he has lasted longer beyond this one.

‘Dark Warrior’ is good as a filler episode for ‘Power Rangers’ and it’s interesting how Billy gains his confidence in both science and karate through Trini’s Uncle Howard. Even though, Billy gets helped by Uncle Howard’s invisibility to beat Bulk and Skull, he still gains the yellow karate belt from Jason.

‘Dark Warrior’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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