‘Different Drum’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode is another filler, but it does have a decent story and an interesting guest character. It’s also one of the rare ‘Power Rangers’ episodes where Zordon and Alpha do not appear. In this episode, Rita Repulsa hopes to defeat the Power Rangers with music! Typical, isn’t it?!

Most of the first half of the episode is dedicated to Kimberley teaching a dance class at the Angel Grove Youth Center. Billy is one of her students, although he does seem to manage to trip over and end up rolling about on Ernie’s cart in the middle of the class. How does he even do that in the story?!

There’s a student in Kimberley’s dance class called Melissa. She happens to be deaf and it was interesting to see her using sign language to communicate with others in a ‘Power Rangers’ episode. Melissa does not get affected by Gnarly Gnome’s music box and she seeks help to save her friends.

Yes the monster in this episode is Gnarly Gnome, who uses a music box to capture a group of students in order to trap the Power Rangers. Although Gnarly does get lazy when he, Squatt and Baboo lie about on the job and he also gets easily defeated by the Power Rangers in the first battle.

The Megazord gets used to fight against Gnarly Gnome and it doesn’t stay in tank mode long before going into battle mode. Gnarly Gnome attempts to use his music box to hallucinate the Power Rangers in their Megazord. But the Megazord’s Power Sword does defeat that Gnarly Gnome easily.

‘Different Drum’ is a fairly average ‘Power Rangers’ episode, but I like the inclusion of Melissa as a deaf character when she summons help from the Power Rangers to save her friends. Also some of the comic moments with Bulk and Skull trying to prove they can be good dancers like Zack are funny.

‘Different Drum’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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