‘Doomsday’ (MMPR) (TV)


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Here’s another two-part ‘Power Rangers’ story from the ‘Mighty Morphin’ series. As I understand it, this story was originally meant to close off the first season of ‘Mighty Morphin’. But due to the popularity of the series at that time, it was decided to carry on the first season for some more tales.

In this story, Angel Grove celebrates the Power Rangers as the city marks a large gathering in the park to celebrate ‘Power Ranger Day’. This is something the five teens are looking forward to, as the Power Rangers are praised for all the hard work in fighting evil and saving Angel Grove from danger.

But Rita Repulsa is not happy about it as she makes her boldest move yet. She makes to bring her Lunar Palace from the Moon to greatly increase her power and transport the entire population of Angel Grove to another dimension. She also intends to call on the long-dormant war Zord, Cyclopsis.

Meanwhile in Angel Grove, Bulk and Skull dress up as superheroes to show up the Power Rangers. Bulk dresses up as the Incredible Bulkster and Skull dresses up as Super Skull. They look silly of course in their superhero costumes and everyone laughs at them once they’re stealing the spotlight.

It’s then that Rita lands her palace into Angel Grove and transports everyone out into another dimension. The five teens are all that remain in Angel Grove. They soon morph into the Power Rangers and fight off against Cyclopsis, piloted by Goldar, when they call upon their own Dinozords.

It does make me wonder why the villains would want to use Zords in their fights against the Rangers when they can easily grow into full-size giants. I assume Goldar prefers fighting the Rangers in Cyclopsis, as this gives him a chance to retreat should anything go wrong as in ‘Day of the Dumpster’.

Soon, the Rangers in their Dino Megazord with the Dragonzord and Titanus manage to fight Goldar in Cyclopsis and defeat him easily. But Rita Repulsa soon calls upon the power of Lokar back to Earth. She also drowns Titanus in a sinkhole before the Rangers are temporarily defeated by ‘Part 1’s end.

By ‘Part 2’, the assault on Angel Grove by Rita and her forces continue. The Rangers attempt to take their Zords back into battle to fight against Cyclopsis and Lokar, but on half power. It results in the Dino Megazord losing an arm in the process and the Dragonzord getting its tail severed in the battle.

I must admit the Zord fights in ‘Doomsday’ are pretty intense, especially when Cyclopsis’ sharp sword manages to defeat the Rangers’ Zords in two fights. I don’t think Lokar is that impressive mind, since it all seems to be is this giant head and doesn’t really do much when Rita calls upon him.

Thankfully the Zords aren’t destroyed by Rita as Billy manages to set a back-up for them to be recovered, which is impressive. The Rangers lose contact with Zordon and Alpha. They try to get in touch with them again, as they go back to Billy’s place. Billy tries to repair the communicators there.

It was tense when Goldar and a few Putties turn up to Billy’s place to try and destroy them before they get a chance to use their communicators. Thankfully Billy gets through to Zordon and Alpha. The five teens teleport to the Command Center, just as Goldar and the Putties try to destroy them.

Alpha thankfully manages to discover the weakness to Cyclopsis. The Rangers need to change the modes of their Zords frequently in order to confuse Cyclopsis when it’s adapting its systems. This works as Cyclopsis gets overwhelmed and destroyed. Lokar leaves and Rita’s palace leaves the Earth.

I like how the story ends with the people of Angel Grove returned to the park. The Power Rangers turn up to be thanked. Apparently Tommy, the former Green Ranger, is also there too in an uncredited cameo appearance. The story also ends with Zordon giving the Rangers a choice to leave.

But the five teens unanimously choose to stay on and continue to fight the forces of evil as Power Rangers. Zordon is evidentially pleased with them for making the choice to stay. Had this two-parter been the finale to Season 1 of ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’, it would’ve been a pretty good one.

‘Doomsday’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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