‘Football Season’ (MMPR) (TV)


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I don’t know whether this ‘Power Rangers’ episode is stupid or not. In this episode, the teenagers of Angel Grove High go for football try-outs. Tommy however has a hard time as he doesn’t feel confident he can get into the football teams. This is due to Tommy more versed in karate than football.

Rita Repulsa meanwhile takes advantage of the football try-outs at Angel Grove and decides to field her own team. And yes, that is stupid. Why would Rita be interested in football? For someone who wants to take over the universe and destroy the Power Rangers, she has some strange villainous plans.

By the way, this isn’t the football you’d expect in the UK (or soccer as the Americans call it). This is American football where the players carry the ball around with them before kicking it. Not sure why that American football is called ‘football’, but there you are. We even have our Rangers practicing the game.

Tommy even gets teaching tips on how to play football from…Ernie of all people. Wow. I would never have thought Ernie would be into football. Oh wait a minute, what am I talking about? Ernie had a soccer team of boys in ‘Second Chance’. By the way, Richard Genelle is very good as Ernie in the series.

During the ‘training’ given to Tommy by Ernie, Tommy struggles to distinguish from karate and football. But at least he keeps on trying and Ernie is seemingly with impressed with Tommy. Tommy is then called in by Zordon after the five Rangers have trouble fighting the Rhino Blaster monster in this.

And yes, the Rangers fight against the Rhino Blaster (who looks nothing like a rhino to me) and a football team of Putties in this seemingly football set scenario by the villain. Even the Putties are wearing football gear against the Rangers in morphed mode. That has got to be so incredibly silly here.

I like how Tommy as the Green Ranger gets to fight the Rhino Blaster and even uses his Dragonzord during the giant battle. He even gets into the cockpit of his Dragonzord. Which makes me wonder, why didn’t he do that more often? I don’t really like it when he’s using Dragon Dagger as a flute to control the Zord.

Tommy manages to save his friends when they’re stuck in a portal. In fact they come out with no scene showing how they got out and they’re even in the Dino Megazord which has already morphed. The episode ends with Tommy on the football team with Skull and Bulk as well in a ballerina outfit. Seriously, what?!!!

‘Football Season’ (MMPR) rating – 6/10

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